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Some people are annoyed with the suggested posts as they are mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, but today, that is not me.  I saw a snippet of a song and immediately had to find out who it was and how to get the track. The song was called California Letdown and it was a new release from Teddy Cosmo. I had to find out more. It states the following on the profile: Teddy Cosmo musician, producer, podcaster, ♿cerebral palsy, wheelchair user, Berklee College of Music and from NYC.

The song is amazing, the vocals remind me of a young Morrissey but with a modern production that captures the depth and tones of the emotions. Check out the track on Spotify here or take a listen below:

As I delved deeper, I found his EP Ouchie and it is an alternative indie gem!  Check out the track Distant Stars and tell me how you can’t get hooked on it. The vulnerable raw emotion grabs a hold of you, all the while taking you on a musical journey.

I am eager to find out more about this incredibly talented musician.  We hope to bring you a feature about upcoming music or an interview. Make sure to visit the social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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