Deaf Havana release new song “On The Wire”

Deaf Havana released their brand new single ” On The Wire ” yesterday. The song, which deals with themes of self-confidence and determination, is a very special piece of music for the band.

Matty Veck-Gilodi explains:

“‘ On The Wire’ was the first song James and I wrote together after being apart for over a year. It came together in a matter of hours and that’s when we first felt the need to continue Deaf Havana. When we wrote the chorus, we immediately felt like we had written our greatest song to date […] .”

The title is about finding the strength in the struggle to make positive changes in life, even if they are not exactly the easy ones. It’s about getting older, it’s about picking yourself up after wasted nights of making the same mistakes over and over again and finding hope that you can change for the better.”

“On The Wire” is the second Radio single release following the rocking ‘Going Clear’ (TOP 100 Airplay in DE) on the way to the release of their new album ‘The Present Is A Foreign Land’. The highly-anticipated 12-track work is co-written entirely by brothers James and Matty Veck-Gilodiwere written and will be released on July 15th.

Deaf Havana will not only perform at the Slam Dunk Festival on June 3rd and 4th but will finally be back on stage live in Germany in October/November.

“The Present Is A Foreign Land” can be pre-ordered HERE.


Listing 1. ‘Pocari Sweat’
2. ’19dreams’
3. ‘I Put You Through Hell’
4. ‘Nevermind’
5. ‘On The Wire
6. ‘Trying/Falling’
7. ‘Someone/Somewhere’
8. ‘ Help’
9. ‘The Present Is A Foreign Land’
10. ‘Kids
11. ‘Going Clear
12. ‘Remember Me’


For more information on the band, follow their social media:

(Source: KINDA)


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