Ghost Atlas – new record will be out this friday

GHOST ATLAS, the melodic, alt-rock side project of ERRA guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash, will release the new album “Dust of the Human Shape” this friday, January 26 via UNFD.

An intensely personal project, every conceptual part of Ghost Atlas’ music, lyrics, and visuals are an intentional outpouring of Cash’s mind. “Dust of the Human Shape” marks the first time Cash is releasing music for the project with a partner. The album also serves as the follow up to a collection of self-released albums: “Sleep Therapy: An Acoustic Performance” (2019), “All is in sync, and there’s nothing left to sing about” (2017), “Immortal Youth” (2015) and “Gold Soul Coma” (2013).

The 12 tracks illustrate the internal world of Cash’s fervor and ideology, while allowing the listener to find their own connective interpretation. “Dust of the Human Shape” is a culmination of art and tense human emotions, fueled by a spectrum of life experiences. Today, Cash shared the single “Lesser Gods“.

Regarding the music, he says

“My goal when starting the instrumental for ‘Lesser Gods’ was to commit to a singular chord progression and maintain it throughout the entire song. I play with this idea on a few songs on the record. It just keeps your ear very locked into the vibe while challenging me to find other creative ways to introduce dynamic. In the case of this song, the most notable means is the time signature change in the bridge, when the rhythm progression switches to 7 beats per bar. It’s a little bit of trick I’m playing on the ear to bring some technicality and tension into the song. While the timing changes, the chord progression remains exactly the same to alleviate the change feeling forceful or distracting”.

“Dust Of The Human Shape” can be pre-ordered/pre-saved HERE.


1. Void Voyeur
2. Panorama Daydream
3. Lesser Gods
4. Gaps in the Armoire
5. Seeker (Stretch the Night)
6. Riding the Blindside
7. Tomato Red
8. Polyphonic Mind
9. Bedsheet Tourniquet
10. Dust of the Human Shape
11. In the House of Leaves
12. Death Confetti


For more information on the artist, visit Ghost Atlas’ social media:

Source: Kinda Agency



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