Grunge rocker Indio Downey releases video for title EP track Cigarettes in Bed

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Grunge rocker Indio Downey has given us exactly what we need to make it through this week. He released the music video for the title track of his recently released EP, Cigarettes in Bed. Indio shares about the track,

“‘Cigarettes in Bed’ is a love song about a previous relationship. When I felt overwhelmed by the weight of the world their company always gave me peace of mind. The visual of smoking cigarettes in bed is a glimpse into a time when being together helped us cope with our loneliness. It was produced by Jordan Miller and Jason Bell. We all took a trip to Hawaii and wrote and recorded the song while we were there. Their touch transformed a simple melody into a dynamic song with tasteful lyrics. It was truly a pleasure working with them!”

Check out the video here:

The catchy new track has us delving deeper into his EP as we are immediately captivated by his nostalgic yet modern melding of grunge, alternative and punk rock. Indio comments about the EP:

“My debut EP is the product of collaboration. Being in the studio bouncing ideas and testing different elements, over the course of many sessions, really helped the songs become more dynamic and tasteful. Each song is about overcoming suffering in a different way which is why I felt these 5 songs fit well together.”

“Talk to me / my favorite liar / my sugar coated killer / want to play with fire / rock bottom girl can you get me higher,” sings Indio in the opening verse of “The Other Side,” an anthemic tidal wave of manic alt-rock energy. Built around a rigorous bassline and thrashing guitars, “The Other Side” dives head first into a chaotic and intoxicating relationship. Building through electric verses and a shout-along chorus the explosive track finally erupts into an epic, keening guitar solo.

Inspired by Indio’s past experience with addiction, opening track “Dume” is a darkly enticing track about the seductive nature of self-destruction. Produced by Robopop (Andrew McMahon, Weezer, LP), “Dume” opens with a grimy bass line and keening guitars. Churning with relentless tension, the consistent percussion builds, undeterred, to the simmering chorus. Indio’s yearning vocals float over the track’s thrashing sonic underbelly and he battles the seemingly irresistible temptation of succumbing to a downward spiral.

Powerful and energetic, “Plastic Rainbow” is a sonic tidal wave of churning grit. Produced by Simon Oscroft (The Naked and Famous, The Aces, almost monday), the classic punk sound that inspired Cigarettes In Bed  is evident in the infectious, unruly love song. Vigorous and playful, “Plastic Rainbow” effortlessly pairs an audacious, sticky guitar hook with heavy percussion to create a compelling, rebellious sound. Indio’s gravelly vocals take center stage as he growls, “There’s garbage on the radio / I held a plastic rainbow / she gives me a caress of cheer / give me the wheel / I wanna steer.”

On the brooding, contemplative “September” Indio describes a downward spiral from the inside out.  Now nineteen months sober, “September” offers a vulnerable, no holds barred glimpse into Indio’s struggle to overcome addiction. Razor sharp guitars and a moody bassline cradle his raw vocals against the crash of relentless percussion. Co-written with Robert Downey Jr and produced by Mike Kamerman (Smallpools, Misterwives, Lexi Jayde), the track’s stark honesty suits Indio, who finds a compelling sense of self-confidence as he reclaims his own destiny, singing, “I’m battered yet better, and here comes September.”


We look forward to the bright future of Indio Downey.  Make sure to visit the social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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