J.M. Clifford releases touching new single, Raised in the Ashes

Photo: Nicole Cosme-Clifford

Brooklyn-based artist and educator J.M. Clifford has released his new single, “Raised In The Ashes,” via Brooklyn Basement Records. Clifford comments on the touching new track,

“One of the joys of writing songs and making records is the fact that, at the end of the process, you’re left with this auditory journal that shows you what was going through your mind when those tunes came along. A theme that I address in this collection of songs is my evolving sense of spirituality and the conviction that we have a soul. I wasn’t raised in a particular faith tradition but I’ve spent plenty of time trying to orient myself and develop some understanding of what we’re all doing here and what the point of all of this is,” he adds. “This tune is one of those markers for me.”

“Raised In The Ashes” was produced by platinum recording artist Ron Pope and features contributions from Robby Hecht (backing vocals) and Mountain Heart’s Seth Taylor on banjo and acoustic guitar. Check out the new track HERE or listen below:


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