Kenneth J. Nash captures pure raw emotion in the beautiful music of The Fall of Eden

Photo Credit: Steven Darlow
Photo Credit: Steven Darlow

Kenneth J. Nash

For anyone who has turned to music to comfort themselves, silence a fear, escape from the pain or just to feed their soul, Kenneth J. Nash delivers the best medicine.  Kenneth is no stranger to the music scene and has written and released several LPs over the past few years. He is an English singer songwriter that has captured my attention with his beautiful words and soul touching songs.

Kenneth shares his journey through depression, loneliness, vengeful feelings and provides a message of hope to everyone that they too can get through these times.  His smooth voice is like a warm embrace that keeps you safe from harm. His music literally takes me back in time to when I might come home from school with a bruised knee or a broken heart and I would run into my father’s arms and just feel all my troubles melt away. That is what I feel when I listen to Kenneth; safety, peace and just pure bliss. His music is truly a poetic embodiment of perfection.”

It was almost two years ago that I wrote the above after discovering the amazing music of Kenneth J. Nash and it rings even truer with the display of Kenneth’s amazing songwriting and vocals on his new album, The Fall of Eden. The album was released on October 1st and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Deezer.

Kenneth’s voice captures pure raw emotion and through his lyrics and beautiful music, you can’t help but feel yourself being taken away through his musical journey. Whether it is through the intense vulnerability of Slow Burn or  through the longing lost heart in Take Me Home. Take Me Home is such a soul bearing song that has a veil of solemn longing , truly magical track. St. Mary’s Heart paints the perfect picture of looking back at that tender wedding day as your heart floods with emotion.

The words of Dignity brings to you the much needed self reflection and is a charming song. Some of my favorite lyrics of the song are:

“Not so long ago I was that soul

With no one and nowhere to go

Spending hour after hour on my own

Because I just couldn’t let it go”


The Way That She Moved is a beautiful track that captures a depth of love and with the ambient atmosphere of the soothing sounds of the ocean, you can’t help but feel yourself being taken away to an almost ethereal place of bliss and euphoria. One of my favorite tracks.

Come Show Me Your Love is the song to feed your soul, give you hope after you have felt such despair. It will open your eyes to the light and have you release the fear. Another musical gem.

The Fall of Eden pt. 2 is my favorite track on the song as it completely draws out all the honesty of what is and what was and you can feel the burdens being lifted. Beautiful in every sense as you take a turn down an unfamiliar new path. The endearing music box orchestration at the end is the perfect closing to this masterpiece.

All the tracks on this album will speak to you and whatever you are feeling, whatever challenges you are facing, the music of Kenneth J. Nash will comfort you and make you not feel so alone in this world. It is the magic of his music where you can literally feel the warmth of his words wrap around you life a safe blanket.

I  hope you get a chance to pick up the new album and fall in love with it as much as I have.

Enjoy the beauty of Kenneth J. Nash,


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