Kenneth J. Nash’s touching personal journey through music


Kenneth J. Nash

For anyone who has turned to music to comfort themselves, silence a fear, escape from the pain or just to feed their soul, Kenneth J. Nash delivers the best medicine.  Kenneth is no stranger to the music scene and has written and released several LPs over the past few years. He is an English singer songwriter that has captured my attention with his beautiful words and soul touching songs.

Kenneth is working on a new LP that  shares his journey through depression, loneliness, vengeful feelings and provides a message of hope to everyone that they too can get through these times.  His smooth voice is like a warm embrace that keeps you safe from harm. His music literally takes me back in time to when I might come home from school with a bruised knee or a broken heart and I would run into my father’s arms and just feel all my troubles melt away. That is what I feel when I listen to Kenneth; safety, peace and just pure bliss. His music is truly a poetic embodiment of perfection.

When I asked Kenneth about his new LP and what it meant to him, he explained:

” The LP is trying to encompass everyone with a message of how to deal with depression, loneliness and vengeful feelings. It has songs about lost loves, lost connections with precious family members, one song (every time you fall) is a letter that I wrote to myself years after recovering from depression that I wish someone had written to me, there is a song about addiction and the title track is about revenge and how fruitless it is.. “we all belong, to the bitterness we feel and when the bitterness takes over, it all becomes real” which basically means that revenge controls you not the person you wish it on. This gave me the title of the LP, as I feel each song will relate to all of us suffering the human condition. So ‘We all belong’. 

I guess this LP like all my LP’s is my way of getting the pain out of my system, there are some dark parts of my life that have haunted me for years, this LP is my lesson to humanity, kind of ” I learnt the hard way”. 

What is also great and new about this LP is that it is all live, one shot takes that is recorded in his personal studio of his Victorian Home. He is recording these songs in the same room in which he wrote them and as Kenneth says, “I feel this helps me really connect the emotion of the writing with the vocal performance, (which also covers up for my lack of range!) ”  I don’t think Kenneth has anything to worry about with his vocal range, his voice is beautiful throughout.

You can listen to his songs on his website at  as well as head over to Itunes and download his music. Kenneth’s new LP is set to release in February 2013 and we will keep you updated as to the availability and where to get your hands on this work of art.   For now, make sure to check out his music and his social media pages. You will want to keep up to date on his news and see if he will be playing anywhere near you.  Make sure to head over to his website or Reverbnation and  listen to my personal favorite songs, “We all Belong” or “If you could be so Kind” which makes me smile as I think of my father.

Enjoy the beauty of Kenneth J. Nash,
~ Marisol
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  1. now this is some great music. i always read about your heavier musicians but this guys music is something i can relate to and enjoy. he reminds me so much of tom waits, wow, nice nice nice

  2. Your line about running into your fathers arm had me listen to him. You compelled me and I can attest to the warmth he brings thru his music. Bravo. He should be here in the states!

    • I can’t believe you wrote!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have you on TWITTER. COME TO THE USA!! your music is beautiful and you are tooooooooo.. 🙂 whatever! I can’t do those smiley things but you get the message right???

  3. Kenneth J Nash has played for me at a venue near Mansfield, Notts.
    The above review is spot on.
    Anyone who loves intelligent, thought provoking, music played and sung with complete integrity, need look no further than Kenneth J Nash.
    His voice is indeed like silk, jet black silk mind you :-), yeah Kenneth is definitely like the strongest, darkest, coffee – without the intrusion of any weakening agent.
    I would recommend anyone seeing him live.
    He’s a lovely fella too, who I am proud to call a friend.

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