NEW MUSIC – Off Lights share first single “Back To Life”

credit: Per Schorn

Off Lights just released their very first single and video “Back To Life”. Singer Julian Ticano Cuba processes a depressive episode with this song, which is visualized in an impressive music video.

Off Lights is a new band from Berlin, Germany, which combines modern rock with catchy pop melodies. Band members Julian Ticona Cuba (vocals), Thorsten Schäfer (guitar), and Sascha Dürr (drums), found each other during the pandemic to write music that deals with everyday struggles, longings, and motivating lyrics of self-improvement.

Singer Julian adds refreshing melodic pop melodies to heavy riffs and songwriting of Thorsten, where a sound is created, that is powerful, honest, and full of passion.

Off Lights will release their debut-EP “Back To Life” in 2023. The songs have been recorded and produced in Stockholm by Dino Medanhodzic (Normandie, Imminence, Smashed To Pieces).

“Back To Life” is about a feeling, that many of us have probably lived through. When the air gets too thin, the room too small, and everything around gets dark, we often are the only ones that can help ourselves. Julian drew inspirations for songwriting from two years of pandemic and therein remembers moments, where he was surprised by the emptiness and desperation during isolation, which until then were strangers to him.

“At a certain point I just couldn’t stand the silence and literally had the feeling to suffocate in my own four walls. Added to this was a merciless Berlin winter, that let the light at the end of the tunnel grow dimmer and dimmer, so that one day I had to decide, if I wanted to give in to this downward spiral or fight the situation.”

Luckily he chose the second option and so the song not only tells about dark times but also of the moment, which marked a shift and gave him the power to free himself of the situation.

“I hope that people, who had similar experiences, find themselves in the song and by that always remember, that after darkness eventually comes light.”

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(Source: Odyssey Music Network)


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