Petrol Girls announce new album “Baby”

New single "Clown" released today

credit: Martyna Bannister

Petrol Girls announced their third album “Baby” today, which will be released June 24th via Hassle Records (Cargo). The announcement follows the release of their pro-choice-banger “Baby, I Had An Abortion” and the single “Fight For Our Lives” (only available on Bandcamp), a track that honors the global movement against femicide and gender-specific violence. Both tracks will be on the upcoming record.

Another taste of “Baby” is the new single “Clowns”. It comes with a live video that the band recorded in the Middle Farm studios (filmed by Martyna Bannister), where the album was recorded with producer Pete Miles.

Singer Ren Aldrige about the song:

“”Clowns” really shows the mood and the musical orientation of the majority of the album. The song is playful, a little bit weird and is built on a recurring riff. It was so much fun to write the track together. “Clowns” began with a lot of comedic placeholders, which allude to “Stuck In the Middle With You” from Stealer Wheel (“We are the clowns from the left/ But they ain’t joking on the right”) and eventually stayed. “I though, wait a minute, i can rewrite those lyrics and provide them with a political twist”, Aldrige laughs. “It started as a joke, but I think, that my message also has a political meaning.”

“Baby” can be pre-ordered HERE.

“Baby” Tracklisting:
2. Preachers
3. Feed My Fire
4. Baby, I Had An Abortion
5. Clowns
6. Unsettle
7. Fight For Our Lives (ft. Janey Starling)
8. Violent By Design
9. One Or The Other
10. Sick & Tired
11. Bones


Petrol Girls will play several times in Europe/UK throughout the summer. Catch them live here:

May 13 – Triebwerk, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
May 14 – Fightback 2022, Nuremberg, Germany
June 8 – Kularak Klub, Bratislava, Slovakia
June 9 – Cafe Wagner, Jena, Germany
June 11 – Maifeld Derby 2022, Manneheim, Germany
June 14 – Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium
June 15 – Junkyard, Dortmund, Germany
June 16 – V11, Rotterdam, Netherlands
June 17 – Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany
June 18 – Atelier Wolimierz, Bydgoszcz, Poland
June 29 – July 3 – Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany
July 8 – 2000 Trees 2022, Cheltenham, UK
July 30 – Trebur Open Air Festival 2022, Trebur, Germany
August 9 – Punk Rock Holiday 2022, Tolmin, Slovenia
August 11 – Club Stereo, Nuremberg, Germany
August 12 – AJZ Talschock, Chemnitz, Germany
August 13 – KUT Sommerschlacht 2022, Gadebusch, Germany
September 2 – Save The Scene #11 2022, Dessau, Germany

For tickets go to

For more information on the band, follow their social media:

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