Prince Daddy & The Hyena share new song “Shoelaces”

Self-titled album drops April 15th

There’s an unrelenting purpose behind every note of a Prince Daddy & The Hyena song, but there’s something different about the songs on their upcoming self-titled album, out next Friday, April 15th.

Today the Albany, NY band shares “Shoelaces”, rounding out a trio of singles the band has been sharing since earlier in March, including “A Random Exercise In Impermanence (The Collector)” and “El Dorado“.

“Shoelaces” bring listeners back to Kory Gregory’s rough-and-scruff vocal stylings that helped the band gain notoriety in the first place. Combined with the undeniable fullness of that hook (“good dreams scare me way more lately”), it still feels more controlled and intentional than anything the band has done before. It’s like the pieces to Prince Daddy’s puzzle are finally fitting into place… for now, at least.

“Prince Daddy & The Hyena” comes out on April 15th and is currently available to pre-order from Pure Noise Records.



1. Adore The Sun
2. A Random Exercise In Impermanence (The Collector)
3. Jesus Fucking Christ
4. Something Special
5. El Dorado
6. Hollow, As You Figured
7. Curly Q
8. Keep Up That Talk
9. Shoelaces
10. In Just One Piece
11. Discount Assisted Living
12. Black Mold
13. Baby Blue


Prince Daddy & The Hyena will be touring the US in April and May 2022. Get your tickets HERE.

For more information on the band, follow their social media:

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