Cold Years release cover of Lizzo’s “Good As Hell”


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Scottish rock band Cold Years released the cover of Lizzo’s hit “Good As Hell” today. They were joined by the RR Gospel Choir for this.

The track was realized in association with the Scottish Association for Mental Health. The band also releases a limited edition t-shirt. The whole proceeds go to the SAMH. You can pre-order the shirt here

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“We really wanted to do something for the people that struggle a lot at the moment. This pandemic has influenced various perceptions of itself and the surroundings in a negative way. So many people already fought with mental problems before COVID even started. This song fights against everything that puts you down. Many people have lost a lot over the last few months and this song is about getting back up again and gather new courage. We had the feeling, that it is really important to shape the awareness for the great work the SAMH does, not only through the pandemic, but already since 1923, when it helped Scotland to survive the difficult times.”

“We wanted to do a cover for a while now and “Good As Hell” for us is a funny song, which we interpreted new in our special way. We adore Lizzo, she is one of the most unbelievable people on this earth and her music expresses so much joy. Lizzo has done so much for self-love and empowerment, something the world needs more of, instead of dragging each other down.”

“We were overwhelmed by the possibility to work on the cover song with the ‘RR Choir’. They already shared the stage with so many incredible artists like Stormzy, Taylor Swift, George Michael and Iggy Pop. Besides, it was always a dream of ours to make music with a gospel choir.”

Cold Years released their debut record ‘Paradise’ on September 4th, 2020. Check out their latest release of one of their own songs ‘Life With A View”:

For more information on the band, check out their social media:


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