The Devil Wears Prada – deluxe edition of “Color Decay” release next week

In September 2022 The Devil Wears Prada released their 8th studio record “Color Decay”. Just recently, the band shared two new songs, that haven’t been on that record – “Ignorance” and “Reaching“.

The band shared some weeks ago, that they will release a deluxe edition of “Color Decay” on May 5th via Solid State. The expanded version will be available digitally and on vinyl. It will include 10 additional tracks – a treasure trove that features two new songs, acoustic versions of “Color Decay” favorites, live renditions, and remixes. Collectors, rejoice!

“We’ve been so proud of and grateful for Color Decay feedback, and with that, we’re releasing our first deluxe edition in 15 years. Listeners have all chimed in with favorited tracks and we’ve cooked up a bunch of videos; fast forward, we figured we had no choice but to grow the Color Decay universe even bigger” the band says.

LP 1 – Color Decay

LP 2

  1. Reaching
  2. Ignorance
  3. Salt -Acoustic
  4. Broken – Acoustic
  5. Sacrifice – Acoustic
  6. Cancer – Acoustic
  7. Watchtower – live in Anaheim
  8. Salt – live in Pittsburgh
  9. Sacrifice – Ray Volpe Remix
  10. Salt – Fairlane Remix


We had the chance to listen to the additional songs and let’s just say, fans are in for a treat. Those acoustic versions definitely give you goosebumps and the live versions make you want to buy your tickets for the next show asap. For fans a must-have, esp. the limited edition vinyl versions, that btw are almost sold out. So better be fast and get your copy HERE.

The band is currently on tour with August Burns Red. Get your tickets HERE.

For more information on The Devil Wears Prada, check out their social media:



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