Hinder continues on as Austin Winkler leaves the tour to recover


Breaking News: Earlier this week Hinder had to cancel their Denver show due to illness and today a new report is in. It was reported on Hinder’s Facebook page a little while ago that Austin Winkler, the lead singer is temporary leaving the tour for personal reasons. Don’t worry if you have tickets for the upcoming shows because instead of cancelling, the show will go on with some surprises guests to help them out.

I really commend the boys in the band to continue on and play the tour out. I have had so many recent experiences where there were last minute cancellations due to member line up changes, etc. So make sure to show them your support and get ready to party at these shows.

Also let’s all please send Austin our thoughts and prayers for whatever he is dealing with and let him know we are all behind him!! We truly pray that it is nothing serious and that he will be back stronger and ready to ROCK!

Here is the post:

“Hey HINDER Fans! We wanted to let all of you know that Austin has decided to temporarily leave the tour for personal reasons. Our thoughts and prayers are with him in this time and know that he will be just fine. HOWEVER, the band has decided, instead of canceling shows and leaving our die hard fans hanging, we’re going to keep the good times rolling on the road this summer. We have some surprise guests coming to help us out and we promise you won’t be disappointed! For those of you that have your tickets already, get ready for a great time! For those of you that don’t, you won’t want to miss out! Thanks again to all of our amazing fans out there for your support!!!! We can’t wait to see you all this summer! Get ready for the party!!!!”

Update 7/4 Austin made the following post on the Hinder page:

“Dear Hardcore Hinder Fans: I sincerely apologize for not being able to finish the tour. I’ve appreciated all of the support over the years, however my disease has got the best of me right now and I am too sick to give you guys my best, that’s what you guys deserve. Please don’t give up on me, I am going to return stronger then ever! I appreciate your patience and I will be back soon.

I love you guys,

With love, Austin Winkler.”

Update 7/5 Marshal Dutton of Drankmore fills in for Austin

The show went on tonight in Missouri at the Black Oak Mountain Theater as Hinder played with Black Stone Cherry and Lynrd Skynyrd. Filling in for Austin was Marshal Dutton of Drankmore and who runs a studio and production company with Hinder drummer Cody Hanson called Back Lounge Productions . It turned out to be a great show for all and we truly are grateful for Marshal filling in and also have no doubt that Austin will be back stronger than ever! Even thought emails have been pouring in about the cause of Austin’s departure, etc. we are not planning on touching on any of that. We respect all their privacy and will continue to cover the news without invading one’s privacy. I do know that there are a tremendous amount of fans who love and care about each and every one of the Hinder band and we wish all of you well.

If you would like to get to know more about Marshal Dutton, you can read our interview with him  here.

Update 7/10 Statement on Hinder website also lists Jared Weeks of Saving Abel in addition to Marshal as filling in for Austin. So even more great shows up ahead! All these guys have stellar vocals that will have you entertained at every show! I have listed below the dates with the appropriate fill in. 


Update 8/6 Statement on Hinder website. Today there was as post from Austin Winkler as to how things are going. 

Just wanted to give you guys a huge thank you for all the support you have given at this time. It is so amazing to have the most supportive fans in the world. I am a month into my treatment in Malibu and I am kicking my disease in the face. I will be in here for another 2 months and I can not wait to get back onstage with the boys and rock your heads off. Again it means the world to look on here and see you guys sharing your stories and being so patient with me at this time. If you guys want some more personal updates follow my Instagram @austinjohnwinkler and Twitter @austinhinder.You guys are AMAZING and thank you for everything!
Much Love and Respect
Austin Winkler


I am so glad to hear how Austin is doing and how supportive everyone has been to the Austin, the band, Marshall Dutton and Jared Weeks. HINDER fans truly know the meaning of family when they show their love and respect for their favorite musicians. I am proud to be part of the HINDER family.

~ Marisol


8/10 Troy, OH @ Miami County Fair  w/ Marshal Dutton

8/11 Covington, KY @ Madison Theater  w/ Jared Weeks

8/13 Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theater  w/ Jared Weeks

8/14 TBA

8/15 Wichita, KS @ The Cotillion  w/ Jared Weeks

8/17 Sedalia, MO  @ Missouri State Fair w/ Jared Weeks 

8/18 Fayetteville, AR @ Arkansas Music Pavillion  w/ Jared Weeks

8/24 Grand Junction CO @ Rock Jam w/ Marshal Dutton

8/26 Syracuse, NY @ New York State Fair w/ Jared Weeks


Information & Links:

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Aug 10 Miami County Fair Troy, OH
Aug 11 Madison Theater Covington, KY
Aug 13 The Castle Theatre Bloomington, IL
Aug 15 The Cotillion Wichita, KS
Aug 18 Arkansas Music Pavillion Fayetteville, AR
Aug 24 Rock Jam Grand Junction, CO
Aug 26 New York State Fair Syracuse, NY
Sep 13 OKC Downtown Airpark Oklahoma City, OK
Sep 14 Buffalo Run Casino Miami, OK
Sep 15 Clay County Fair w/ Theory of a Deadman Spencer, IA
Oct 04 Island Resort & Casino Showroom Harris, MI
Oct 05 Island Resort & Casino Showroom Harris, MI


  1. Austin, I know you are going to get the help you need to overcome this battle! I have my faith in you 🙂 I remember I was at a show and came up to you and made you promise me you would not stop, you looked at me and gave me the answer I wanted to hear….. 🙂 Austin, I believe in you and you are my total inspiration! YOU are the reason I am the person I am! I cannot wait to see you back better than ever….. I love you more than life!!!!!!!! Always, A dedicated fan, Lisa
    I have a custom blanket that was made for me that I sleep with every night of me and Austin and pics of every show I was fortunate to be at and share my love for Austin……. Keep the faith, my love……

  2. Hang in there man, it ain’t easy goin through stuff, but it’s there to be gone through. Nothin but love Austin, be strong boy.

  3. Austin: the struggle you face isn’t gonna be easy, struggles never are, but I know what you are made of and you can DO this. You are in my prayers several times a day, and I know marshal will do you proud and, with the help of your brothers, will keep the freakshow going. Take all the time you need so this can be behind you once and for all. You KNOW I love you, cuz I tell you every time I see you! Hope to see you soon. xo, char

  4. Thoughts and prayers Austin. Hang in there! You’ll be ok.
    Take care and we miss you.
    We will see you soon.
    Love, Evelyn of New Port Richey,Fl:)

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