Our Spotlight Band is rockers, RadioBlack and check out their new video!


Our new featured Spotlight Band, RadioBlack truly captured our attention as they bring to life a blend of nostalgic grunge and 90’s alternative rock, with modern flair. They are truly a powerhouse trio that are making a big impression on the music scene. The band is led by singer/guitarist TJ Courtney, drummer Derek Gledhill (founding member of Smile Empty Soul) and bassist Hayato Takano, a seasoned touring player.

Prior to this new line-up, TJ recorded tracks at the Foo Fighters’ private recording facility, Studio 606, with producer John “Lou” Lousteau and a lineup of studio players including Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy), Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction), and Mick Murphy (My Ruin, Chevy Metal). The production team was rounded out by Fireball Ministry front-man and “Sound City” documentary producer Jim Rota, and Brad Smith of Blind Melon. The recordings will be featured on Radioblack’s debut album, slated for release in early 2017.

They have recently released a new video premiered on Substream, that demands to be checked out! The song is Nothing Is Permanent and the video which was cut with footage lead singer TJ Courtney shot following a tornado that tore through his hometown, “Nothing Is Permanent” is a commentary on the things that society takes for granted as indestructible – when they are in fact vulnerable at best. On the new video, Courtney shares: 

‘Nothing is Permanent’ is really an assessment of our world today and the shaky foundation of so many things we depend upon. From our technological dependence to the most recent election and campaigns, it’s clear we’re headed in a strange direction. Many institutions that seem permanent and indestructible are becoming extremely vulnerable.

Drummer Derek Gledhill adds:

Even though this song seems to have a pessimistic outlook, we are still optimistic in a lot of ways. As a society we can still steer the ship in a better direction, we just have to pay attention and not become too passive. I’m guilty of it too sometimes. In a lot of ways this song was our own personal wake up call.

Check out the video here:

RadioBlack is:

  • TJ Courtney – Singer/Guitarist
  • Derek Gledhill – Drummer
  • Hayto Takano – Bassist

Stay tuned for their new music and make sure to visit their social media sites!

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