Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts release rockin new single

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts are sure to capture your attention with the release of their latest single, Take The Long Way. Check out the news below:

“Take the Long Way” is a spirited sing-along rock anthem. It draws inspiration from Smith’s turbulent experience of not only being kicked off the 2021 Motley Crue Stadium tour, but also being dropped from both his label and booking agent amid the COVID era. The track encapsulates the classic self-sabotage meets redemption tale. In true Tuk Smith style, you’re hooked from the first riff. However, “Take the Long Way” is a different beast compared to previous songs; while there are plenty of killer tunes in the back catalogue, this new track exudes a different kind of freshness and eagerness to please.

Comparisons to Springsteen and Petty are inevitable when listening to Tuk Smith, but he undoubtedly possesses a toe-tapping quality unlike any other. With this track pumping, you can easily envision yourself in a Dodge Ram, tapping your hands on the steering wheel while driving down the highway and just as easily envision yourself in a suit, humming along while entering an office on the 75th floor. That’s the allure of Tuk; he is a musician’s musician.With great breakdowns and a chorus worthy of Wembley Stadium, “Take The Long Way” a feel-good song with the ’70s dripping all over it. Most importantly, when the track ends, it beckons to be played again for another jolt of happiness.


Take a listen to the new track by heading HERE or watch the video below:

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