Buster Shuffle share new track “Sucker Punch Blues”

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Buster Shuffle, undeniably one of the most fascinating British Ska-Punk-bands presents “Sucker Punch Blues”, a brand-new song, which reflects the recent political situation of their country. Lyrically the trendy track deals with the effects of Brexit. The band complains about the fact that “we once were one and now we’ve all just been torn apart”. A tragic truth and a step into the wrong direction.

Bandleader Jet Baker comments on the frustrating situation:

“Buster Shuffle and all other UK touring musicians have been left for dead. In Sucker Punch Blues we sing/cry about no longer being able to tour and visit our neighbours/friends on the continent. UK musicians have been left high and dry by the UK government, with no touring options available due to costly visas and red tape. This has to change to save the UK music industry. Touring is VITAL to all bands, without it we are in serious peril. Please support UK touring musicians. Tell the UK Government know that it is not ok to leave us high and dry like they have. Oven ready deal and all that………….not so.”

Check out the comic video for this very catchy tune

A limited 7″ vinyl-single in five different colors and artworks (a.o. from Horace Panter/The Specials) will be released May 28th. Be fast and order right here.

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