Hotel Ziggy: Keeping the Music Alive on Sunset Strip

Nick Perri at Hotel Ziggy

Nestled in the heart of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Hotel Ziggy is more than just a place to stay – it is a destination for artists and music lovers. With its rock n roll vibe and dedication to the music scene, this hotel has become a beacon for those looking to immerse themselves into the vibrant spirit of music.

In the past decade the Sunset Strip had undergone so many changes and closures but through it all the music still lives and it is definitely coming back strong.  In 2022 Hotel Ziggy moved in and replaced the Grafton West Hollywood.

In a destination where luxury, glamour and celebrity reign, a rebellious new neighbor has taken up residence in the heart of the Sunset Strip. The new Hotel Ziggy embraces differences and challenges conformity as a place that encourages guests and locals to come hang out and “just be who you are.” The unpretentious design influenced by grit and rock ‘n’ roll features a modern counter-culture spin. Located next to Mondrian Los Angeles, Hotel Ziggy is the last standing rebel on the block.

Fusing cocktail lounge, pizza joint, music venue and lobby, Hotel Ziggy invites hotel guests to check in at a sociable and engaging bar lined with hundreds of vinyl albums. A record player behind the front desk fills the communal space with music spanning every progressive genre. A retractable glass garage door partitions one end of the lobby, creating a versatile music venue called “Backbeat,” which supports local musicians and invites them to come and share their sound in a new space to rise above the noise. Hotel Ziggy boasts the largest saltwater pool in West Hollywood, which is another platform to democratize music with live sets performed by up-and-coming DJs.

A Rock n’ Roll Haven

From the moment you step into Hotel Ziggy, you’re greated by an atmosphere that screams rock n’ roll. The decor is a tribute to the legends of music, with memorabilia and artwork adorning the walls, creating an immersive experience for guests. Every corner of the hotel echoes with the stories and sounds of rock history, making you a part of the living museum for music.

Live Music and Events

Hotel Ziggy lives up to its motto, Free the Music by hosting regular live music events. In the hotel lobby, The hotel features their music venue BackBeat on Sunset which has a weekly lineup of local bands and DJs ensuring there’s always a fresh and exciting lineup. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite local band or just want to experience the Sunset Strip’s legendary music scene, Hotel Ziggy offers a front row seat to the action.

A Destination for All

What sets Hotel Ziggy apart is its appeal to a diverse audience. Artists find a supportive community and a platform to showcase their talents, while out-of-towners enjoy the unique ambiance and access to the endless nightlife of Sunset Strip. Music lovers, in particular will find themselves at home, surrounded by like minded individuals who share their passion for music.  The hotel fosters a sense of community and creativity, encouraging guests to connect and collaborate. This is reflected from the staff’s enthusiasm to the curated playlists that fill the air. It has such a vibe that many artists stay at the hotel to tap into the inspiration for their new music.

Rockin Ryan recently photographed Nick Perri (Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves) at the Hotel Ziggy for his promos of his new single, electric version of Sunset to Sunset. Check out the track here:

In alignment with its “free the music” mantra, Hotel Ziggy offers guests access to a Shred Shed that includes electric and acoustic guitars, amps, records, record players, Walkmans and backpacks to use while finding inspiration in LA or sharing creativity with others. All are welcome to borrow, experiment, and share in the “free the music” movement. 

The Heart of the Sunset Strip

Located in West Hollywood, one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Hotel Ziggy is perfectly situated for those looking to explore the rich history of the Sunset Strip. Hotel Ziggy stands as a proud continuation of this legacy.

In a city known for its ever changing landscape, Hotel Ziggy is a staple that will remain a steadfast champion of music. Its dedication to providing a vibrant, music-infused experience that makes it a must visit for anyone passiionate about rock n roll history and lifestyle.


Rockin Ryan Hotel Ziggy
Rockin Ryan at Hotel Ziggy


For your next trip, Hotel Ziggy should be your destination. So next time you’re on the Sunset Strip make sure to stop by Hotel Ziggy where the music is always alive and the rock n roll vibe never fades.





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