Bury Tomorrow, We Came As Romans, Kingdom Of Giants live in Munich

“Last time there were just a few crowd surfers,” they said. “This shouldn’t be too stressful,” they said. Didn’t take long until everyone realized, it wouldn’t be chill at all. Actually, the fans and the bands kept security pretty busy. Cudos to security, they did an amazing job of catching everyone and seeing them safely out of the pit.

Kingdom Of Giants had an almost full house to start the night. They did a good job of getting the crowd ready for the following bands. So performance-wise they were great, but the sound was awful. Somehow the sound guy didn’t really find the right balance especially when it came to bass. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bass, but this was just too much. Sometimes it was quite hard to get which song the band just played, cuz every time the bass hit, everything started tingling and it sounded like mash.

Thankfully the sound got better when We Came As Romans hit the stage. They started their set with the title track of their recent record “Darkbloom”, an amazing song to start a set. The energy they bring to the stage and the obvious fun the band has in performing makes it kinda hard to not move along to the music. So they really had the crowd going and judging from the amount of people who sang along to every song, I’m pretty sure the next time they come around, they’ll be able to play much bigger venues than they did last year on their headliner tour. Crossing my fingers, they’ll come back soon, maybe to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of “Tracing Back Roots”. They played a fair amount of songs from “Darkbloom”, but also three songs from “Cold Like War” and the forever amazing “Hope”.

It’s been the third time in a row that Bury Tomorrow played at the Backstage Werk. I can’t stop to mention that this is Munich’s best venue when it comes to clubs, where bands can still have a very close connection to the fans. First of all, Bury Tomorrow does have a special bond with their fans, which besides the gripping sound of their music, probably also stems from the empathic singer Daniel Winter-Bates. He talked quite openly about mental health and everything he went through, topics many fans can relate to.

Their 15-song set started with the title track of their recent record “The Seventh Sun”, so it started quite dynamic. There was constant crowd movement, but when Singer Daniel Winter-Bates (after whispered heads-up to security) invited everyone in the room to crowd surf, all hell broke loose and it was a constant flow of bodies.

The band promised to be back at the end of the year. I’m definitely looking forward to it.


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Thanks to the Backstage, Target Concerts, and the bands for letting us cover the show.

~ Alex


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