Mayday Parade – UK/European tour starts soon. Contributed by Alex Bock

In March 2017 Florida based band Mayday Parade re-released their debut record ‘A Lesson In Romantics’ for the 10th anniversary. In addition to the songs from 2007 it contains some demo-versions. They also released a brand-new video for the song ‘Black Cat’. Check it out here:



The release of the record was followed by an extensive tour through the US from March to May 2017. The touring cycle continues now and brings the band to the UK and Europe in September/October 2017. Make sure to catch the band live at one of the following dates:


Those dates are followed by a tour through Australia & New Zealand:


Before the band is heading out to Europe they’ll play Riot Fest on September 15th and they’ll also be part of Vans Warped Rewind at Sea from October 28th to November 1st.

So, lots of touring ahead for Mayday Parade and lots of chances for the fans to catch them live. Don’t miss out!

For information on the band visit their social media at


~ Contributed by  Alex Bock,



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