Triple Vinyl Tuesday features Led Zeppelin, Radkey and our wild card pick.

Here we are at our first Triple Vinyl Tuesday. So, what are we waiting for. Let’s get down to spinning!


Our Old or Vintage Vinyl is:

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II

Label: Atlantic Records       Release Date:  October 22, 1969

This is one album that everyone who loves rock n roll needs to have, regardless if you are longtime Led Zep fan or just getting into them. The album has everything you would want, from heavy to chill.

Features: Robert Plant’s explosive yet captivating vocals, Jimmy Page’s incendiary guitar riffs, John Paul Jones flowing bass lines and John Bonham’s hard hitting ‘in-your-face’ ferocious drums.

Favorite Tracks: EVERY ONE but if we had to pick two; Ramble On and Bring it On Home.


Our New or Current Vinyl is:  

Radkey – Delicious Rock Noise

Label: Another Century       Release Date:  November 11, 2016

This vinyl is one of those vinyls you would swear it is a vintage one as it brings to life real old school punk drenched in vintage hard rock. Click here to check out our interview with the Radke brothers from their SF show in 2016.

Features: Strong powerful vocals, angsty punk vibes, guitar heavy riffs, hard hitting drums.

Favorite Tracks:  Dark Black Makeup and Romance Dawn. 


Our Wild Card is:

Jose Feliciano – Feliciano!

Label: RCA      Release Date:  June 1968

This is one of those musical gems that you might find in the dollar bin of your local record store. That is exactly where we found ours and we couldn’t wait to play it. The album from Jose Feliciano, an incredible Puerto Rican guitarist, features acoustic covers of songs popularized from other artists.

Features: Fascinating covers of some of my favorite tracks, nostalgic vibes, blissful and mellow.

Favorite Tracks:  Light My Fire (Doors) and Always Somethere to Remind Me (Burt Bacharach and Hal David) 

Stay tuned each week as we pick 3 more Must-Have Vinyls.


Do you have a vinyl for us to check out? Email us at [email protected]


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