Falling In Reverse share new single/video “Watch The World Burn”

credit: Nick Fancher

Falling In Reverse are hitting the gas pedal pretty early with their new single “Watch The World Burn”, which was released today.

The song is another epic hymn and comes with yet another music video, which lately have always been mini-movies. The lyrics are so fast, even the devil can’t follow.

Falling In Reverse are developing further pretty fast in this century. The band’s catalog has reached over 2,7 billion – yes, billion! – streams. Even their latest single “Voices In My Head” has already been played over 95 million times. No wonder, they were #1 in 2022 at SiriusXM’s Octane, while preceding bangers like “Zombified” reached 120 million streams and led the active rock charts back then, a status they already established with “Popular Monster”.

The single was released just in time for the second leg of Rockzilla, which takes the band on the road in the US with Papa Roach, Escape The Fate, and Hollywood Undead. What a line-up! Don’t miss this! Tour starts tomorrow, February 1st. Get your tickets HERE.

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