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Today’s Band of the Day goes to an absolutely amazing young band. Don’t let their young years fool you. These guys have so much passion and dedication to their music well beyond their years. What is also quite impressive is that their music creates such a strong connection to the listener as it takes them on a musical journey of emotions. With their song, Carry On which was written in December 2013 and dealt with the issue of bullying. With the song, fans and listeners found the song to be that voice inside telling them, they can can Carry On. It became inspiration, strength and power to many. I applaud greatly musicians who can not only make kick ass rock n roll but at the same time, bring out such a positive message. Galvanized Souls are from Southern California and their sound is a blend of fierce alternative with a pinch of grunge and straight up rock n roll. Their songs become infectious as you find yourself being drawn again to listening to them. They will soon become the playlist of your life.

They have a couple upcoming shows that you can check them out at:

4-11 Skaters’ Point Santa Barbara
4-20 Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas at Hard Rock Hotel
4-23 Chain Reaction with Floodlove


  • Genre:  Alternative Rock
  • Location: Ventura County, CA
  • Feature: Alternative Rock featuring dedicated young musicians that have an energetic punch to their sound and alternative feel
  • MusicGalvanized Souls EP available on iTunes here:
  • Song  to check out: Shut You Down
  • Video to check out: Carry On

Band Members:

  • Zakk – Vocals and Guitar
  • Chris – Vocals and Guitar
  • Matt – Bass and Vocals
  • Kevin – Drums and Vocals

We hope to bring you coverage of one of their upcoming show as well as an interview with this exciting young band. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. This is one band that you should keep close to your radar!

~ Marisol

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