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Bret Michaels Back in Hospital after suffering TIA and has hole in heart

May 20, 2010

Just learned that Bret Michaels has returned to the hospital today after suffering a TIA (Trans-Ischemic Attack) like a Mini-Stroke or a precursor warning sign of an impending stroke. I have suffered a dozen TIAs myself and survived 3 strokes. I am 42 years old but I never had to deal with a hole in my heart. I just watched Bret Michaels on Oprah yesterday and was glad to see that he was recuperating and appeared to be in good spirits. About an hour ago I had heard the news about how he has returned to the hospital. I am devestated. I did read that his hole in his heart is operable and treatable. This is the good news! Now I hope he takes some time to recover and rest up. I want him to take it EASY and please get better. The first stroke I suffered was at age 35 and when I was watching Bret yesterday one thing he said reminded me so much of my first stroke. I remember sitting in the [Read More]

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Against all Will…..

May 19, 2010

Okay so here I am listening to an AWESOME new band… You always ask how do I find the “new” bands. Most of all my new finds comes from my son Ryan. Even though he is 12, he really has his ear to the music. He started playing guitar at about 7 or 8 and started drums and bass at around 9 or 10. His garage is packed with more gear than a concert hall and always clues me in on the “next big thing”!. This band he brought to my attention only a couple weeks ago. I have heard him consistently playing this one CD in between his Slipknot and AM TAXI and I wanted to find out more about them. So he let me take a listen and I got to hear “Against all Will” for the first time. I liked them right from the start, just like AM TAXI. I was sucked into their music and hinged on every word!! The best part is when I asked Ryan about the band and [Read More]

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AM TAXI – Slim’s April 29, 2010

May 5, 2010

AM Taxi show was held at one of my SF favorite venues; Slim’s. AM TAXI was one of the opening bands for the Spill Canvas. Additional opening bands were New Politics and Tyler Hilton. I was very excited to see AM TAXI since for the past few weeks I have been listening to a couple of their songs through their myspace page and really liked what I heard so far. AM TAXI hails from Chicago and is made of 5 very energetic and talented guys. Adam Krier-vocals and guitar, Jason Schultejann-bass, Chris Smith-drums and backups, John Schmitt-guitar and backups, Luke Schmitt-keyboard and backups. Their set list is as follows: Dead Street Paper Covers Rock Fed UP Charissa Woodpecker Shake, Rattle and Stall Paint It Black Mistake Prior to starting it seemed that not many people were familiar with their music and were just waiting for the Spill Canvas to go onstage. Most of the audience was just mulling around the long L-shaped bar and mingling. As soon as AM TAXI peformed the first song; it [Read More]