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“A Sweetish Tune”  by Noctambule: a must have for fans of Irish music – traditional and experimental.

September 1, 2017

Patrick O’Heffernan (Chapala, Mexico) For fans of traditional Irish music, “A Sweetish Tune” by the duo Noctambule is a must have.  This long awaited second album by Marla Fibush and Bruce Victor, who produce and record under the nomme de music Noctambule,  builds on their previous releases, The Waking and Travel In Shadows,  but goes far beyond them with heavenly mandolin and mandola finger picking by Fibish that perfectly blends and harmonizes with Victor’s 6- and 12-string guitar melodies.  They create  not just music, but a visual adventure through the Irish countryside and the people who have lived there over the centuries.   At nine songs, the album seems diminutive on the surface, but Victor and Fibush have slipped a little Irish humor in the arrangement, as most of the album’s songs are combinations of two or even three tunes, giving the album a  richness that overflows with emotion, imagery and sparkling cleverness.  The album opens with “Patty Canny’ Toast”, a Charlie Lennon composition from County Leitrim, that swirls hypnotically with mandolin and 6-string threads [Read More]