Photogallery: Lionheart, Terror, Get The Shot, Dying Wish

October 30, 2022

Lionheart made a stop in Munich during their current tour through Europe. This time they brought along Dying Wish, Get The Shot, and Terror, and believe me, those bands all blew off the roof. It was a hot and sweaty show full of energy, fun, crowd surfing, many people on stage (oftentimes way more than band members) and good live music. Enjoy the photos and make sure to catch those bands live, when they play in a town near you! Dying Wish Get The Shot Terror Lionheart For more information on the bands, follow their social media: Lionheart https://www.facebook.com/lionheartca https://lionheartca.com/ https://instagram.com/LIONHEARTCA https://twitter.com/LIONHEARTCA Terror https://www.facebook.com/terrorhardcore https://www.sticktight.la/ http://twitter.com/terrorhardcore https://www.instagram.com/terrorhardcore/ Get The Shot https://www.facebook.com/gettheshothc https://www.gettheshothc.com/ https://twitter.com/gettheshothc https://www.instagram.com/gettheshothc Dying Wish https://www.facebook.com/DyingWish503 https://linktr.ee/dyingwishhc https://www.instagram.com/dyingwishhc/ ~ Alex


Blu DeTiger releases new upbeat single, Elevator

October 26, 2022

We are so excited to share with you the new upbeat single from fast rising pop icon Blu DeTiger. Blu is set to head out on her North America headlining tour and to get you all revved up for it, she is sharing her new single, Elevator. “Using an elevator ride as a metaphor for escaping a draining relationship, she delivers a spacy, infectious kiss-off and revels in the instant boost to her outlook.” About the new track, Blu explains: “‘Elevator’ is an upbeat, tongue in cheek way of expressing how I feel when I’m stuck in the elevator (of life). It’s about moments when I’m down and need to be taken back up. The song is about turning a bad situation, like being caught in an elevator with someone you don’t like or just feeling down, and going through it and getting past it. It’s encouraging. The lyric ‘I could be a big shot too’ reminds me that I can take control of my own journey and path.”    Check out the new track [Read More]


PALAYE ROYALE returns to SF for arena worthy show at Fillmore

October 22, 2022

  PALAYE ROYALE returned to San Francisco on October 18th, just 10 days ahead of the release of their album, Fever Dream. The band delivered an arena worthy show at the legendary Fillmore.  One thing is certain , these guys have continued to raise the bar each time with every performance. I remember the first time we listened to Palaye Royale back in 2013 as we introduced them to you as Best Indie Rock Band You Have to Hear. They had captured our attention from that first listen and we have continued to follow the amazing journey these three bother; Sebastian Danzig, Emerson Barrett and Remington Leith, have been on. From being an indie band winning the final round of MTV’s 2014 Musical March Madness to signing record deals, traveling the world on their tours, and now releasing their fourth album, Fever Dream. The line for the Fillmore show quickly made it around the block as long time fans and new ones were anxious to catch the Fever Dream show. The night began with an [Read More]

Music News

PALAYE ROYALE release captivating Spanish version of Broken

October 20, 2022

Palaye Royale just released an amazing and captivating Spanish language version of their anthemic hit Broken.  The song is accompanied by a graphic video which was designed by Emerson Barrett, the band’s drummer and talented artist. The song and the video truly captures the emotion of the track and is titled “Destrozado y Roto”  The song is being released ahead of the band’s show in Mexico City, which will take place at the Lunario del Auditorio Nacional on November 29th. The highly anticipated show sold out within hours and will definitely be one show the fans will  never forget. We will be bringing you our review and coverage of their recent show in San Francisco and we can honestly express it was one of the best concerts we have seen. It was a stadium worthy performance and truly eclipsed the  200+ sets we have seen this past year. About the new track, Palaye Royale are thrilled to be giving fans a new way to experience “Broken”, proclaiming: “We are so excited to be returning on November 29th to Lunario in [Read More]

Band of the Day

We Came As Romans – new record “Darkbloom” out TODAY

October 13, 2022

Metalcore legends We Came As Romans released their new album “Darkbloom” today. It’s their first new album in five years and also the first one after the passing of Kyle Pavone. So it’s safe to say, this record was highly anticipated. Speaking on the highly anticipated news of the release of their new album, We Came As Romans guitarist, Josh Moore shares: “We are so excited to finally be able to announce the release of our next record Darkbloom. This will be our first record in five years, and we want to thank you all for being patient with us as we were figuring out if we could, and how we could continue moving forward as a band. We wrote this record about all the feelings we felt, and all the emotional places we lived in, navigating the loss of our brother Kyle. Every song is about a different part of our lives over the past few years, an insight to the struggles we had, and how we were able to make it to where [Read More]


Sleeping With Sirens – new album “Complete Collapse” out NOW!

October 13, 2022

Sleeping With Sirens breathe rarified air. After fourteen years, five studio albums, and thousands of shows, the band has outlasted many of their peers while crafting an undeniably unique path through modern alternative rock. With each release, the band — Kellin Quinn [vocals, keyboards], Nick Martin [rhythm guitar], Justin Hills [bass], and Matty Best [drums] – continue to hone their mix of unflinchingly honest lyricism, unforgettable riffs, and pulse-pounding percussion while boldly exploring new creative frontiers. That future-forward perspective, coupled with a deep connection to listeners, has established Sleeping With Sirens as a beacon of hope in a world desperate to find silver linings. On “Complete Collapse”, the band’s sixth studio album, Sleeping With Sirens cut straight to the bone, as they process life in modern times. “We’re coming to terms with the new reality we are in,” explains Quinn. “Things have changed so rapidly, and we’re all doing our best to process it. There’s a feeling of heaviness to the record, both in sound and emotion. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on [Read More]

Aftershock Festival

160,000 music fans came to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Aftershock Festival

October 13, 2022

  It was the 10th anniversary of the Aftershock Festival and it was one for the books! The four day festival brought 160,000 music fans to Sacramento on October 6-9th and it became the festival’s biggest event in its 10 year history. The popular event brings an economic impact of $30 million to the region annually, says Visit Sacramento.  In total 90 bands played on the four stages and delivered quite a lot of memorable performances from Slipknot, Kiss, My Chemical Romance,Muse, Papa Roach, Shinedown and so many more. The festival also brought a strong International Presence Including Bring Me The Horizon (England), Nemophilia And Band-Maid (Japan), Bloodywood (India), Meshuggah (Sweden), Apocalyptica (Finland), Airbourne (Australia) & The Warning (Mexico).   The fans came from all over and braved the intense heat to catch all the incredible performances. Some stayed right at the rail from the moment they got there to get the perfect spot for the day’s headliners.     More about the Festival Aftershock’s memorable music performances included showstopping headline performances from charttopping metal act [Read More]