PALAYE ROYALE returns to SF for arena worthy show at Fillmore


PALAYE ROYALE returned to San Francisco on October 18th, just 10 days ahead of the release of their album, Fever Dream. The band delivered an arena worthy show at the legendary Fillmore.  One thing is certain , these guys have continued to raise the bar each time with every performance. I remember the first time we listened to Palaye Royale back in 2013 as we introduced them to you as Best Indie Rock Band You Have to Hear. They had captured our attention from that first listen and we have continued to follow the amazing journey these three bother; Sebastian Danzig, Emerson Barrett and Remington Leith, have been on.

From being an indie band winning the final round of MTV’s 2014 Musical March Madness to signing record deals, traveling the world on their tours, and now releasing their fourth album, Fever Dream.

The line for the Fillmore show quickly made it around the block as long time fans and new ones were anxious to catch the Fever Dream show. The night began with an intimate soundcheck where you can watch in on a couple acoustic songs as well as join in and ask some questions.  Later there was a meet and greet for fans who got some awesome merch and a photo op with the boys. The excitement was contagious as the crowd quickly filled for the show.

The night kicked off with killer sets by Starbenders, carolsdaughter, and Mod Sun.  Three great bands that catapulted the energy as the night progressed. Check out some of the photos from their sets:

As Palaye Royale was about to take the stage, you couldn’t help but take in the beauty of their stage set up. The attention to detail this band delivers truly highlights their style and music. The first note played and the stage lit up in every way.


The night was filled with the perfect set list that included some old ones  to fan favorites and new songs of their Fever Dream album.  The crowd didn’t stop singing for one second and your eyes would dart across the stage as you didn’t want to blink or miss anything.  It was a FULL ON ARENA show on the Fillmore stage! It was a performance that I can truly call one of my top favorite concerts in the past 10 years.  I remember saying that back when they delivered a remarkable set at Warped Tour long ago and today they have continued to strive to deliver a better show each and every time.

The passion that they bring to their performance is only matched by the passion they bring to their music. It is full of raw emotion and adrenaline that races through your body,  a true drug and I am here for the fix.  Check out photos from their set by our Rockin Ryan:



This was a show that you don’t want to miss. Make sure to pick up their new album Fever Dream and get yourself tickets to a concert you won’t forget!

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.


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