VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: James delivers a raw beautiful video for their new song, Coming Home Pt. 2

There are not many alternative 90’s bands that I still listen to on a daily basis. But, James is one of those bands that have stood the test of time and consistently draws me into their music, nearly every day.  Whether it is my Go To energy boosting song Born of Frustration, or my summer fun track Sit Down, I am enjoying James.  I am so excited that they are set to release their new album, Living in Extraordinary Times on August 3rd. The album is produced by wonder duo Charlie Andrew and Beni Giles.   We have already been hooked on their new song, Hank and now we are completely floored by their latest video release.

They have just released a video for their song, Coming Home Pt. 2 which is a sequel to their 1989 hit Come Home. Tim Booth comments on the song via Clash Music,

“I wrote ‘Come Home’ feeling shit about leaving my older kid and splitting up with his mum. This is a part two, a sequel to that. My family is together but I’m away travelling a lot. Doing what I love. Personally, I wanted to commission an animation to this song but had my arm twisted to be in front of camera for the first time in 20 years for James.”

The video is a raw personal look at how being a busy touring musician also means missing out milestones and family time. The video is beautifully done and has a depth of raw emotion that draws you into the storyline. I love it and can watch it over and over. Check it out here:


We can’t wait for the new album and really hope there will be US Tour dates in support, most importantly Northern California! I still can remember one of my favorite concerts was seeing them perform in San Francisco in 1992 and ahead of their show they put on a free concert in Union Square. It was packed and incredible! Below is a picture I had taken several years ago of my photo from that day. Of course, we have since lost all of our memorabilia and picks in the October firestorm. But this picture is a great reminder of that wonderful memory:


You can pre-order the album by heading over to or pick it up here:

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