CIMINO head back in the studio and get their new song by sending them to Rockfest 2015

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One of our favorite bands, CIMINO have headed back in to the studio to record new music. We are so excited and can’t wait for what is in store with this hard working non stop rockin band. Here is the latest from CIMINO:

As of April 2nd, 2015 CIMINO have entered the studio and began tracking for their next release. Conceptually, the band has taken a completely different approach overall in the writing, recording and engineering process. The group concurs that the project is completely unlike anything they’ve done thus far. “It’s still Rock and Roll, we’re still playing the same instruments, and our sound is still unique and identifiable to previous releases, but that’s about it,” says CIMINO. The influences for this record are a little bit more Rolling Stones, a little bit less Shinedown, and it really does show. We’re recording them in the fashion that they were intended when written. In regard to what we’ve recorded so far, there is absolutely no click track, drum triggers, and auto tune, we’re keeping the computer out of the equation as much as possible says the group. All of our tracking, instrumentally and vocally, has been done in mostly one, sometimes two takes. Without the click, edits are way trickier, and generally not worth the time when you could just do another pass through the song. We figured that if we can’t perform what we’re playing in one or two passes, then we’re doing something wrong. This new material breathes, it feels more like a human and less like a robot. You would be surprised how much emotion can be gained in something as simple as slowing or speeding up a tempo in certain parts of a song. We’re not reinventing the wheel, just using an approach that hasn’t been done in a while. Our tuning is also different than before and completely off the wall from normal, but that’s something we’ll talk about down the road. The band is unsure when and how the material will be packaged and released, whether it will be as a full length album or a shortened EP. At this point however, they have confirmed that they are consistently in the studio and will be releasing a single at the very least in the summer of 2015.

I had a chance to listen to their new song, What You Get and I can assure you, they are headed on the right track and going straight to the top. It is one catchy track featuring an Alice in Chains ala Stone Temple Pilots vibe but with a stronger edge of hard rock and a fierce punch of twangy blues guitar and powerful vocals. This is one hell of a track! If you would like to get a free download of the song, head over to their Facebook Event page and get more details.

CIMINO are also in the running to perform at Rockfest 2015! Head over to the following link and cast your vote for them:


98.9 The Rock and Jägermeister are giving five unsigned bands the chance to play Rockfest 2015! Voting begins on May 1st and runs through May 15th. Get your vote in and check out what just might be your new favorite song!

In case you missed our interview with Kyle and Sebastian when we met up with them at NAMM 2015, you can check it out here:


If you don’t already have it, pick up their third album, “Angels and Animals“.  The album is filled with melodic rock songs, anthems features the singles “Start All Over,” “Anarchy,” and “Alive.”.




Make sure to stay tuned for some more great new music and also visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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