Ramonda Hammer releases new alt-grunge-rock single, Bender and we are hooked on it!

We are hooked on the new track, Bender from Ramonda Hammer. It is an addictive track that brings together grunge and rock and swaddles it in 90’s alternative vibes and singes it with pop catchiness. We love it! The song is off their new EP Destroyers which is set for an August 4th release. Devin Davis comments about the new song,

“I wrote ‘Bender’ when I was binge-watching Shameless for two weeks straight and I couldn’t get off the couch to do anything productive. In retrospect, I guess I could call it “research” or whatever, because I ended up writing this song. But yeah the lyrics are really just a conversation between two opposing sides in one’s brain. The verses ask questions from the more sane, healthy part of one’s psyche, and the choruses respond from the anxiety-ridden, depressed, and very frustrated side. And the reason this person (okay, it’s me!) is so effing frustrated is because they care so so so much, but when crippling depression sets in from time to time, when they get caught in a bender of some sort, it’s so hard to do the things that make you happy. In a final cry, I end the song with, “I swear that I deserve good things” because I think I do and I know other people feel the same.”

Check out the new track below:


Destroyers is available to pre-order now on CD and digitally at Bandcamp. Ramonda Hammer will be performing at The Echo in Los Angeles on July 3 with Blood Death Skull. Additional shows will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ramonda Hammer is

  • Devin Davis
  • Andy Hengl
  • Justin Geter
  • Mark Edwards

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