Spotlight Band: The Camel City Blackouts deliver your much needed fix of punk rock!


We have all been struggling through Covid times, but with good music it all seems much more bearable. I am pleased to bring you our next Spotlight band, one that will deliver a much needed fix of punk rock that will get your adrenaline flowing. They capture the punk angst energy of Flogging Molly or Rancid, all the while, creating their own unique sound to capture your attention and have you hooked.  Check out The Camel City Blackouts!

The band which consists of  the 2 original members Derek Gilreath and Ryan Sizemore and was born out of a mutual love of punk rock and drinking. Hailing from Winston Salem, North Carolina they are ready to grab your attention with their latest release of Another Night.

They tell us about the inspiration for the new track:

The inspiration behind our song “Another Night” in general is escaping addiction and then going back to that addiction. The story for me and this song starts with living in 2020’s quarantine. Out of boredom I fell back into a drinking habit and the inability to know my limits that defined most of my early 20’s. I drank too much one particular day before I went to my parent’s house. When I arrived to their house (I did not drive) I started to feel the effects of Jameson more and more and ended up passing out in their bathroom. Even at my worst my parents never saw me this messed up and that stuck with me.

Watch the video for Another Night here:


The song is off their new EP EP titled “13” which is the follow up of their debut album Possession, released in 2019.  We look forward to more new music and will try and bring you an  interview so you can get to know more about the band!

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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