Pick up the new vinyl single out now from The Cherry Bluestorms!


The Cherry Bluestorms are back at with their mod psychedelic Brit power pop and they are sure to capture your attention with their newly released vinyl single. The Vinyl features SEE NO EVIL and DEAR PRUDENCE. This is a vinyl must have as they once again bring to life a psychedelic 60’s inspired rock pop to life with vocal harmonies that feeds your soul and an infectious pop rock edge. You are treated to two very different songs that will have you fall in love with their infectious style and charismatic charm. Both will soon become regulars on your playlist!

The vinyl single feature See No Evil on the A Side that Glenn Laughlin explains more about,

Usually I write very, very quickly these days, but the chorus of SEE NO EVIL was circulating in the back of my mind for years.  I tried a few different verse ideas, but it never really clicked for me.  I finally came up with the current verse and wrote some uncharacteristically topical lyrics.  I wrote a bridge too, but I couldn’t quite remember it.   I was in a motel in Fresno and came up with the current bridge.  I thought it was a big improvement and it made me excited to record it.  Fortunately, Deborah killed the vocal and when a longtime friend heard it, he said he thought it was one of the best things I ever did.  That’s when we decided to make it the A side of a single.


Then you have Dear Prudence on the B side and he comments,

One day I was plunking away on my guitar as I will do and I hit on a pleasant riff.  I thought I’d write a song based on it, but it struck me that it reminded me somewhat of  The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence”.  I came up with a slightly jazzier chord sequence and thought the band might record a version rather bare boned, sort of like a live CREAM version of DEAR PRUDENCE.  In the process of recording I ended up adding a few bells and whistles after all, but I was quite happy with the subtly psychedelic result.


The vinyl includes picture sleeve and a download card. You can purchase the vinyl now by heading over to their website: http://www.thecherrybluestorms.com/wp/merch/cds/ or through CDBABY, Bandcamp, and other stores, brick and mortar stores that house vinyl in Los Angeles (Freakbeat, Amoeba Records, Vacation Vinyl), Las Vegas (Record City), Fresno (Tower District Records).

Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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