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18th and Addison is our Band of the Day

February 6, 2015

Today’s Band of the Day goes to a 18th & Addison from Toms River, NJ. What began as an acoustic duo featuring Tom Kunzman who  was formerly in the band A Criminal Risk and DiBenedetto was one of MTV’s first recording artist with her band Just Kait (she is also the guitarist in the band What’s Eating Gilbert, the side project of Chad Gibert of New Found Glory) has since developed into a full live band. Together these two have come together and created their alternative rock sound cultivated from their influences of melodic rock, pop, punk and much more. They are capturing and bring back the honesty in music which is something so many bands strive for.  Kait explains,  “The goal for us has always been to push this music in a direction that neither one of us had ever attempted”. Since we’re both from two totally opposite ends of the musical spectrum, especially in our town’s music scene, that has come pretty easily to us. We now play live with a full band and the [Read More]

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Final Drive is our Band of the Day

February 4, 2015

Today’s Band of the Day goes to Final Drive from St. Louis, Missouri. This is one amazing band that have successfully created their own signature sound that blends southern groove with metal and thrash. Their high energy style has been incredible to catch live. Their music brings out heavy riffs, powerful intense vocals and a sound that will infect you and hook you from the first listen. They have a really cool video out for Exit Underground that I hope you check out! Final Drive is: Nathan Easter – Guitar Chris Nanney – Guitar Jordan Gaw – Vocals Alex Wheeler – Drums Ray Tucker – Bass   Genre:  Metal, Thrash, Southern Groove Metal Location: St. Louis, Missouri Feature: They have created their own signature sound that blends in thrash metal with Southern Groove. Infectious aggressive guitars, powerful vocals, heavy riffs, fierce drums. Music: Lifeswork  album through their site here: as well as on iTunes: Song to Check out:  Run For Your Life Video to check out: Exit Underground   They recently just finished up the No Exit Tour and we look [Read More]

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The Glorious Sons are our Band of the Day

February 3, 2015

Today’s Band of the Day goes to the fast rising rock band The Glorious Sons from Ontario, Canada. They are a fairly new band as they came on to the scene in 2013 but have already made quite an impression with their infectious rock that has been climbing the charts. They recently released their album The Union back in September 2014 and have had great success of three singles hitting the airwaves. I love their energetic vibe and their songs completely rock as they bring to life stories from the blue collar perspective. They so easily create a connection with the listener through songs that will soon become the playlist of your life. They deliver pure straight up rock and roll that you can feel in your soul. The Glorious Sons are: Brett Emmons – Vocalist Jay Emmons – Guitar Andrew Young – Guitar Adam Paquette – Drums Chris Huot  – Bass   Genre:  Rock n Roll Location: Kingston, Ontario, CANADA Feature: Timeless rock n roll with dynamic vocals, classic storytelling rock songs which is something [Read More]

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Helen Blood is our Band of the Day

February 2, 2015

  Today I wanted to feature a Bay Area band as our Band of the Day. I would like to introduce you to Helen Blood from Alviso, CA. This is a band that is delivering a fresh new dose of rock n roll infused with punk, metal and more. In a time where everyone is tired of categorizing bands with genres, sub-genres, etc, you just have to stand tall and appreciate what you love. Helen Blood is one of those bands that is deserving of your attention. I hope you check out Helen Blood and join us as they take us on a rock n roll ride like no other.  Helen Blood’s message is simple, stand tall above the rest, rebel and make your own decisions. As they say, “We are Helen Blood. And we’re here to express. Not to Impress. It’s better to live your life, than slave like the rest.” They have an upcoming show on February 26th at Homestead Bowl & The X Bar in Cupertino. It is a 21+ show. For [Read More]

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Deltorers is our Band of the Day

January 31, 2015

  I know that people think with the overload of digital and technology in the music industry, it is an uncertain time. But you also have to admit, we are living in a time where all types of music is readily accessible and available at all times. There are no boundaries or expiration dates for genres. You can listen to pop, metal, swing, punk, grunge, whatever you want! Today I want to bring you a much needed dose of grunge rock from across the pond for our Band of the Day. Deltorers are from Bournemouth, England and they are a powerful trio that are ready to infect you with their adrenaline sexy grunge alternative rock. Deltorers is: Brenden Frankham  – Bass Nathan Evans – Guitar and Vocals Ben Hampton – Drums   Genre:  Grunge, Alternative Location: Bournemouth, England Feature: Sexy guitars, raw grungy vocals, vibrant energy. Though they may be described as a fusion of Nirvana, Radiohead and Mudhoney, they definitely have developed their own signature sound. Music: Soon to release a new EP Song to Check out:  One Night [Read More]

Band of the Day

Poynte is our Band of the Day

January 30, 2015

Today we feature Atlanta band, Poynte is our Band of the Day. In a time where many bands are losing their way scrambling to be the next big thing, the honesty in the music seems to get lost or forgotten. With Poynte, there is no chance of that ever happening as their music highlights their passion with well written songs wrapped in emotionally driven lyrics and delivered with a fierce dose of hard rock.   Poynte band members: Kenny Hathorne – Vocals Andrew Davis – Guitar Matt Bryant – Guitar Jake O’Donnell – Bass Josh Fulcher – Drums Genre:  Hard Rock Location: Atlanta, Georgia Feature: Kenny’s vocals are powerful and engaging. Energetic rock with kick ass guitars and driving melodies. Music: Discreet Enemy set to release on February 17th through THC Music. Pre-order here: Video to check out:  Take Control We will work on bringing you an interview with Poynte as well as a review of their upcoming release. Make sure to check out their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. ~ Marisol [Read More]

Band of the Day

Fable Cry are our Band of the Day

January 29, 2015

Our Band of the Day is a quite eclectic and unique band, Fable Cry. They are described as theatrical scamp rock and when you take a listen, you will find it to be the fitting description. This is a band that brings to life colorful and imagery through their use of cello, violin in addition to an array of non traditional rock instruments. Their vaudevillian style is almost like a fusion of Foxy Shazam, Queen and Danny Elfman and their refreshing sound is quickly garnering a lot of great attention. Fable Cry band members: Zach Ferrin – vocals, guitar, accordion Joshua Dent – cello Jo Cleary – violin, vocals, toys Scott Fernandez – bass Rachel Gerlach – percussion Genre:  Rock, Theatrical, Scamp Rock, Eclectic Location: Nashville, TN Feature: Fable Cry brings to life their mythical and poetic songs through theatrical scamp rock featuring non traditional rock instruments such as cello, accordion and violins. It is refreshing and catchy new sound. Current release: Fable Cry  Song to check out: Hobo Wicked Fix  Video to check out:  Fancy Dancing on upcoming release, [Read More]