Band of the Day

Trophy Wives are our Band of the Day

January 8, 2015

  Today we feature Rhode Island pop punk band, Trophy Wives as our Band of the Day. Trophy Wives have definitely been garnering a lot of great attention for their energetic dynamic pop punk rock. Their music, as vocalist/guitarist Chris Piquette explains,  “We like to write passion-fueled music that always keeps a card or two up our sleeve“. They have a great spunk to their music that invigorates every listener. Trophy Wives are heading out to Los Angeles today so they can compete as one of the four finalists of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. The concert is this Friday at the Fonda Theater. Check out our post for more details here: Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands featuring The Devil Wears Prada. Trophy Wives band members: Sam Boxold – Vocals Chris Piquette – Vocals / Guitar Tyler Young – Guitar Travis Danforth – Bass Mike Crawley – Drums Genre:  Pop Punk, Rock Location: Providence, Rhode Island Feature: Energetic band that really delivers a vibrant dose of pop punk. Catchy songs, kick ass guitars, fast paced [Read More]

Band of the Day

Electronic Hardcore band I Capture Castle is our Band of the Day

January 7, 2015

  For today’s Band of the Day I wanted to invite you to check out a band that is making a name for itself with their unique blend of electronic hardcore metal. They are I Capture Castle from Utah and are set to release a new EP Daydreamers this year. Their passion and determination to make music that is not simply categorized by a genre checkbox, has led them to rapidly grow their fanbase. They have recently released a new single/music video for their song, Paper Walls which is off their upcoming EP Daydreamer. The song will definitely  have you excited for their new EP. I Capture Castle is: Marcus Gressman- Vocals Donny West- Drums Jesse Moran- Guitar Keaton Stewart- Lead Guitar Travis Mckell- Bass Cody Taylor- Vocals Genre:  Electronic, Hardcore, Metal Location: Salt Lake City, UT Feature: An electric cocktail of hardcore meshed with electronics and metal tones to create a vibrant energetic new sound. Imagine if you will, a threesome featuring the vocals of Suicide Silence, heavy growls of early Asking Alexandria and the electronics [Read More]

Band of the Day

Check out The Menzingers as our Band of the Day

January 6, 2015

  Today our featured band is The Menzingers and they are incredible. They have this true old school punk rock sound wrapped in an indie rock vibe. They are definitely a breath of fresh in air in the music scene today and they have been garnering quite a lot of high praises. Their song, I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore really grabbed my attention from the first time I heard it. It brought back memories of sitting around parking lots with old friends listening to Social Distortion or Sonic Youth, trying to make sense of what the future held for us newly adults at the time. The music became our playlist of our life and that is exactly how I can see The Menzingers being that for the youth of today. Yet, their style is inviting to any age and would have a strong fanbase that spans generations. They will be heading out on tour with Taking Back Sunday in February and make sure to not miss them! The energy of this band has the audience [Read More]

Band of the Day

Pop Punkers Fossil Youth are our Band of the Day

January 5, 2015

  Today our featured band is Fossil Youth which originally began from the founding member Scottie Noonan’s vision. It has since evolved into a four piece band that is set to bring their refreshing sound to the forefront of pop punk. Their music brings in great melodies wrapped in emotionally driven lyrics, all while maintaining an energetic rock edge. They are set to release their new EP, Intertwined With You on February 3rd. It will be available as a 7″ Vinyl/CD/Digital and you can get your pre-order in now by visiting here: Pre-Order Intertwined With You. The EP picks up where they left off on the Fossil Youth/Wickerwolves Split EP which was released in 2014. Genre:  Pop Punk, Indie Rock Location: Enid, Oklahoma Feature: Emotionally driven lyrics wrapped in an indie rock, pop punk flair that brings to light a variety of influences. Engaging tracks that highlight their originality. Current release: Fossil Youth and Wickerwolves Split 2014 EP  iTunes Song to check out: New single, Wick off their upcoming EP, Intertwined With You   Video to check out:  Linger In My Head  [Read More]

Band of the Day

The Red Paintings are our Band of the Day

January 4, 2015

Today we feature an amazingly passionate and vibrant band, The Red Paintings as our Band of the Day. People always ask me to describe a band by telling them who they sound like or what genre, etc. Well, if I had to describe the alluring music of The Red Paintings, I would be left speechless since their uniqueness can only be described by listening to them for yourself. Their music has been dubbed “Orchestral Art Rock” and when you see them perform live, you will completely agree that it is the perfect description. Their sound is everything from orchestra, punk, rock, alternative and much more. They are currently set for another North American tour which was to start last night in Berkeley but due to Trash McSweeney suffering from a back injury/spasms which we know can be actually debilitating to perform even the simplest task, let alone rock out on stage. We wish him a speedy recovery and we know he is wanting to hit that stage soon, but we want him to know that [Read More]


Hard Rockers Furyon from England are our Band of the Day

January 2, 2015

  For our second day of Band of the Day we bring the spotlight to a kick ass hard rock/metal band from the UK, Furyon. This is one band that is definitely garnering a lot of great attention for their heavy metal / hard rock sound. They bring in levels of progressive as well as classic rock influences and have developed their own sound that will have you ready to rock in no time. They are currently set to release a new album, Lost Salvation on January 26th through Dream Records/Cargo Records and will feature 10 kick ass hard rock metal songs. They recently released a music video for their song, These Four Walls. It is an incredible track with sexy swirling guitars, sensational solos, powerful vocals and  sweet harmonies. If this is any indication of what their new album brings, it will definitely be a contender for a highly anticipated release. Furyon is: Matt Mitchell – Vocals Alex “Nickel” Bowen – Bass Lee Farmery – Drums Luca Faraone – Guitars Tiago Rosado – Guitars   Genre:  Hard Rock, [Read More]


AM Taxi from Chicago are our first featured Band of the Day for 2015!

January 1, 2015

Allow me to present to you our first featured Band of the Day for 2015! Each day we will be bringing you a new band to check out! That is 365 bands you have to take a listen to. I first fell in love with AM Taxi back in 2010 as they opened up for Spill Canvas at Slim’s in San Francisco. They were away from the music scene for a bit, but they are back, better than ever and ready to pick up where they left off.  They have just released a 4 song EP Bastards of the Deep Blue Sea and you can pick it up on iTunes here. AM Taxi is: Adam Krier: Vocals/Guitar Jason Schultejann: Bass Chris Smith: Drums/Back up Vocals Jay Marino: Guitar/Back up Vocals   Genre:  Rock n Roll, Punk Rock Location: Chicago, IL Feature: Infectiously upbeat songs that you find yourself immediately singing along to the chorus. Great punk vibe guitar, energetic beat and those ahhhmaaazing gritty throaty vocals that just grab your attention. Imagine a blend of  The [Read More]