Interview with Drake Bell as he delivers eclectic fun night of music on his Uncovered Tour

September 16, 2018

This week we headed down to one of our go-to music spots, the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, CA for a great night of music. Nickelodeon’s favorite teen heartthrob Drake Bell made a stop out on his Uncovered Tour at the historic intimate venue.  Many know Drake for his comedic role on Nickelodeon’s highly popular Drake & Josh show, but if you haven’t listened to his music, you are missing out. Drake is a successful actor, musician, comedian and so much more. We couldn’t wait to catch his set and for our Drake Bell Interview. Interview We had a chance to chat with Drake a little before he took the stage, check out that interview here: The night kicked off with a great set by Petaluma locals Willow & Hound. They are fun indie rock band that captured the audience’s attention and started the night off with a killer set. Here are some photos by Rockin Ryan: His tour features just him and his guitar, playing some special songs and great covers.  The intimate venues are [Read More]


NEW RELEASE: Livia Blanc channels her love for retro with release of infectious debut EP Amour Amour

July 20, 2018

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Livia Blanc is ready to set the music scene ablaze with the release of her debut EP Amour Amour. Livia brings to life the nostalgic passion and beauty of 1960’s cinema art with her music. It is captivating and infectious.  Get ready for Livia to take you on a retro ride with her new EP. Take a listen below: Take a listen to the new EP here:   We had the chance to chat with Livia and are pleased to bring you a bit of that here:   MJP: All we can say is “WOW!” It is a beautiful EP with these great songs that bring to life the nostalgia of so many strong beautiful women from the 1960’s cinema era.  Where did your love for that era come from? Merci!! I think growing up they were just women I looked up to and admired. Strong, beautiful and revolutionary. I have always had a thing for everything retro. My favorite movies are in black and white and I almost only listen to music [Read More]


An interview with Halo Circus: love and controversy…they lay it on the line By Patrick O’Heffernan

June 25, 2018

   (Los Angeles) Halo Circus is a bilingual alternative electronic rock duo based in Los Angeles, California, composed of vocalist Allison Iraheta and bassist Matthew Hager. That’s the official story. The real story is they are the best band out there that has not yet won a Grammy. I say that because their newest album, Robots and Wranglers is light years ahead of anyone else on the rock scene. It has propelled a successful 30-city tour, been met with rave reviews and generated some fiery controversy.  It has three nominations for LA Music Critic Awards and it has been proposed for Album of the Year. The husband and wife team are back home in Los Angeles recouping from far too much traveling, but they agree to spend a little time with us today.   Patrick. You are home now after an incredibly ambitious tour.  Are you tired, relieved, excited, wiser…all of the above?   Allison. I think all of the above.  We learned a  lot.  It is good to be back home, for sure.  As a band, going out and hustling a brand [Read More]


INTERVIEW: The Falling Doves’ Chris Leyva Shares His Love For Rock n’ Roll by Jessica Klausing

May 17, 2018

The Falling Doves never play it safe. Chris Leyva (guitars, vocals) and Mike Dorsey (lead guitarist) create an unpredictable mix of garage rock with jazz, metal, Latin, and pop infusions. Known for their deep lyrical confessionals and aggressive playing, this band is not afraid to combine the classics with the new. No Falling Doves show is ever the same either. Leyva and Dorsey bring onstage professional musicians from all musical genres.  In their latest album, Doves of War, they have revived the classic rock spirit with today’s modern pop.  Currently, The Falling Doves are on a world tour with plans to release a new single later in the year. We got to chat with Chris Leyva about his musical influences, international touring, and the new upcoming Falling Doves album. Which musical element pulls you into a song? (Lyrics, Melody, or Composition?) Chris: That’s a really hard question…I’m going to be cheap right off the bat and say melody (laughs). With composition, for me, melody has to be key. If the melody is not there then [Read More]


Interview: Cesar “Vampiro” Lopez and Hector Geronimo on their new band Monoplasma. By Patrick O’Heffernan

April 6, 2018

  The band Monoplasma is a fusion between three-time Grammy Award winner guitarist Cesar “EI Vampiro” Lopez, and chart-topping Spanish singer/songwriter Hector Geronimo. Vampiro played with iconic the Latin bands Maná, Jaguares, Azul Violeta.  Geronimo served as the front man of the enormously popular alternative Spanish rock trio, Moebio.  Together, they have created a unique, modern, indie rock sound that — while mostly in Spanish — is drawing diverse audiences in the US and Mexico. They have just released their album, “1”,  produced by the Grammy Award winner Alfonso Rodenas and recorded by Grammy Award winner Rafa Sardina.  I caught up with El Vampiro and Hector Geronimo at the offices of Criteria Entertainment in  Hollywood the day before they took off for their latest tour.  The following is an edited version of an hour-long (and really fun!) conversation.   Patrick. You have released the song “Te Llevo” as a single with a new video and you are also celebrating your earlier song “No Me Intimidas” both of which have been featured on Spotify.  When you [Read More]



March 31, 2018

INTERVIEW WITH GLASS MANSIONS 3.30.18 GLASS MANSIONS STOPS TO TALK IN THE NEW MEXICO DESERT   Patrick O’Heffernan (Los Angeles) We caught up with the South Carolina-based Electropop Duo Glass Mansions  – vocalist Jayna Doyle and multi-instrumentalist Blake Arambula – on their 13th USA tour in the middle of the New Mexico desert.  The duo and their friend and co-manager Erin were in a van stuffed with their equipment on their way to Albuquerque for a concert promoting their new EP Ritual when we reached Jayna’s cell phone. Patrick. Jayna, where are you right now?   Jayna.    Somewhere in New Mexico in the desert.   Patrick. In listening to your music from the early album Gossip to Ritual, it seems like your sound is evolving fast. How do you think your music has changed in the past 2 years?   Jayna. Since Blake and I started this band we have had several lineups and different players in the band. Our sound started out heavily influenced by the 90s and dance music and electronic music  We [Read More]


Chandler Juliet bares her soul as she releases empowering new track Coming Down

March 17, 2018

One of our favorite vocalists Chandler Juliet continues to deliver infectious new music. Her latest track Coming Down, might take on a dark persona but it carries a great message of empowerment. Chandler released the song yesterday and she comments,   Coming Down is HERE!!!!!! I wrote this song right after getting out of a really tough time in my life. This song has the theme of addiction, and I wrote it about the struggle of being addicted to something you know is toxic for you. We all know what it’s like to be in that position, but when you recognize it, and say, “I’m done” or “I’ve had enough” or “I’m better than this” is the first step. And that takes SOOO much strength. My addiction was to a relationship, with someone who made me fall out of love with myself. When I got out this incredibly toxic relationship, knew I’d had enough, I wrote this song. The song kinda sounds dark but it’s meant to be empowering!! Because it takes immense strength to [Read More]