Foreigner delivers a night of endless hits out on their 40th Anniversary Tour



An incredible night of endless hits.

Last night in Mountain View, Foreigner brought their 40th anniversary tour to the Shoreline Amphitheater. It began with a rousing set from Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience. The rock and roll flowed through the sun drenched crowd and got everyone ready for some rockin action. It was a set of favorites and Jason was a madman on the drums, that Bonham blood runs deep. The band was powerful and sounded like the next best thing to being at Zep concert, the Led Zeppelin spirit was alive and thriving in the amphitheater. (Click here for more photos of Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience)

Next up was the return of Cheap Trick to Shoreline. They came out bursting with energy and gave it all to the crowd. The crowd was on their feet and singing along. It was great to hear them play their new songs like Long Time Coming, from their latest album, We’re All Alright!, which was released earlier this year. Their performances of Dream Police and Surrender topped my list of favorites!


The anticipation in the venue grew with each set and the crowd was ready when Foreigner took the stage. The spectacular stage set up highlighted each performer and their powerful sound filled the amphitheater.  With their extensive music catalog, it is no surprise that it was hit after hit from the first song to the last. The sound was spot on and it resonated through the crowd. The opening of Double Vision got everyone off their feet and instantly rockin out. The crowd continued to sing every word to the songs that was the playlist of their lives. Each song would take me back to a memorable moment from my past and you could see it happening all through the crowd. The smiles across the faces, the emotions that the music were connecting them to, the pure bliss of Foreigner mesmerizing the crowd.

Foreigner brought out the Saratoga High School choir to perform I Want to Know What Love Is and it was a magical and touching performance.

Foreigner currently has their album, 40 which features 40 Hits from Forty Years. It is one album that will take you on a nostalgic music ride through the years. Even better, you can enjoy those same songs today by catching Foreigner play live. Their performance is a must-see!




Cheap Trick


Jason Bonham Led Zepellin Experience



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