French Metal band DAGOBA takes over San Francisco!

WOW! I know I told you about DAGOBA coming to San Francisco to open up for returning metal band, Dir En Grey but you can’t believe how awesome they were!  I have been looking forward to seeing DAGOBA live since we have been playing a lot of their heavy songs from their latest album, LP “Post Mortem Nihil Est.” It was recently released here in the US only a couple weeks ago and on Sunday night they came to The Regency Ballroom on the Ghoul 2013 Tour with Dir En Grey.  We had the opportunity to interview Shawter, composer and singer for DAGOBA and here is that interview:


They really came out and put on an amazing show. They have excellent stage presence and this was their first time playing in San Francisco. Dir En Grey has a very tight following and it was awesome to see how DAGOBA won over the crowd.  They even got them to do the Wall of Death, Mosh pits, Circle pits and more. The energy was fierce and their music is intense  and heavy!

These guys truly have a great clean Metal sound that I am really loving! They kind of remind me of a mix of Five Finger Death Punch and All that Remains. The vocals are clean and sharp, precision drumming and bad ass guitars.  DAGOBA is  Shawter on Vocals/Machines, Franky Costanza on Drums,  Z on Guitar and Werther Ytier on Bass. Check out a tribute video that Rockin Ryan made from footage and photos of the San Francisco show to their song, The Great Wonder:


They just finished the tour with Dir En Grey on the 24th in Los Angeles and are set to head back home.  Make sure to head over to their social media sites and stay up to date on DAGOBA  news.  Also make sure you picked up their latest album, LP “Post Mortem Nihil Est.” and you can pick it up on Itunes here.


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