Get Infected with 12 Stones!

Earlier this past week, I went to see 12 Stones perform at the historical Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, Ca. This theater was first opened in 1905 and held historical acts such as Harry Houdini and Lily Langtree. Over the years it has housed acts such as Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Ramones, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins and so much more. The current owner Tom Gaffey has continued to keep it open as an all-ages music venue and I applaud him as to how he has gone through great lengths to keep music alive in our area.

So I was excited to see 12 Stones would be playing there and they were even bringing along their touring band, Concordia which I had just been happily introduced to earlier in the month after hearing them open up for Smile Empty Soul.  In addition, three great local bands were added to the opening lineup.

First up, we had Mirrors which delivered a punk rock sound and uses their music as a platform to discuss how the pornography industry corrupted and tainted their personal lives. Their music was good and I do commend them for having the courage to stand up for what they believe in and talk about such an uncomfortable subject and to passionately help others struggling.   Kudos boys!


Next up we had one of my local favorites that I have seen several times before Boo Radley’s House. This time we got to enjoy some of their new music of their upcoming concept album. This album will be a different side of Boo Radley for you to experience and it was quite good. It reminded me of early Queensryche with a touch of Rage against the Machine and a splash of Korn. I look forward to hearing more from them.

Boo Radley’s House

After, we were treated to some incredible Southern Rock by Shotgun Harlot. These guys know how to rock! They have incredible stage presence and performed as if they were playing in front of a packed stadium. High Energy, Crowd Engaging and heavy rock was all there. These guys are someone to be watching out for and if you have the chance, make sure to check them out live.

Shoutgun Harlot

Up next, was Concordia which is the touring band for 12 Stones and got added to the bill at the last minute. I was excited to see them since someone sent me a link on their music from the Smile Empty Soul show and I loved them. Well seeing them live was great. They know how to work the stage and get an emotional response from the crowd.  They have a Linkin Park sound but it is not a form of imitation since these guys can stand on their own and have their own unique and amazing sound.  Their drums had a cool feel when they use the ride and the splash cymbal reminiscent of the great Rev Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold. The vocals were clear and heavy at the same time which invokes the energy of the listener. The guitars of course were just the right amount of heavy without turning it into a metal sound. You are going to be hearing about Concordia, that is for sure. I will write more about them after I get a chance to interview them.

Lastly, it was 12 Stones turn to take to the stage. From the second they stepped on stage until the last cymbal was hit, they were INTENSE! They have such a great post-grunge sound that could have rivaled the best back in Seattle grunge days.  12 Stones has been around since 2000 and have continued to be a presence in Christian music. They have had numerous songs played in movie soundtracks or shows.

These guys have had great airplay on XM Sirius Octane and Sixx Sense and continue to tour with BlesstheFall and Bobaflex around th country.  They played several old songs mixed in with some new music from their ‘Beneath the Scars” album.  “Broken” was their first single of their new album and highlights their great songwriting skills and delivers a mix of hard rock and great rhythm.

Of course when the played their latest single, “Infected” everyone was singing along and just having a great time. The crowd was moving around and you could everyone was having a great time. Their music evokes the right emotion from the listener and you can’t help but gravitate to their music. I really can’t wait for them to return to California but until then, make sure you check out their tour page on their website and get their new CD!

Actually for all the bands mentioned, make sure to take some time to check them out. You never know I could have just introduced you to your new favorite band. Lastly, try and get out to a live show. Listening to your favorite bands is good but getting out to a local venue to see them, experience their music live and maybe get a chance to meet them is what it is all about and will continue to keep the music alive.

~ Marisol

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