Nick Perri shares a sneak peek trailer for his upcoming concert, Live at the Drive In

The Music Industry has truly taken a huge hit during Covid-19 shutdown. But thankfully, so many artists have kept us sane with their live streams and virtual concerts. Later this month, Nick Perri and The Underground Thieves (Trio) will be holdling their pay-per-view concert, Live at the Drive In.


To get you ready for this upcoming event, check out the sneak peek trailer for the concert event of the month.


Watch Event

You will have three ways to watch the event. 

Watch on:


Friday October 16th
2 Showtimes:
Viewing #1 – 2pm EST / 7pm GMT (London)
Viewing #2 – 9pm EST
Tickets start at $10


If watching the show isn’t rockin enough, how about a chance to win a Gibson Firebird?  With each ticket purchased, you will be automatically entered to wina GIBSON FIREBIRD.  Proceeds will benefit the band, crew, and a portion will also be donated to MusiCares


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