The Augments Project release new music video for Awaken off new EP

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We recently brought you an interview by Meryl DeWitt (Drift N Die Press) with Los Angeles metal band, The Augments Project. In case you missed it, you can check it out here: Interview with The Augments Project. They have recently released a music video for their song, Awake which is off their new EP. The video was written by Jimmy Trigger, directed by Jimmy Trigger & Brian Cox, and filmed and edited byBrian Cox. The track is also available for free download on the band’s Reverb Nation page. Check out the video here:

Frontman Jimmy Trigger comments about Awake,

The track “Awaken” was the first song we all wrote together, so it holds special weight for us all. The ideology of the band is for us all to shine in our skill sets, and I think that happened. The result: something fresh & new but hinting that old skool influence. “Awaken” is an aggressive song, that got me to delve into emotions that I haven’t visited in quite a while. The song deals with the turmoil’s of life and doing our best to succeed regardless. There are a lot of metaphors in each song, but some are very real (Take this noose around my neck that binds me to my lives regrets). You can decide, I guess. The end result should always be a PMA view point, or PMMA (positive mental motherfuckin attitude) as i say


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