WATCH: Melodic Metal band Vintersea releases new music video

Melodic metal band Vintersea is from Corvalis, Oregon and they have just released a new music video for their song Skies Set Ablaze. The song comes off their debut album The Gravity of Fall. Guitarist Riley Nix comments about the song,

Skies Set Ablaze contains strong themes of human conflict, represented here by Fire and Ice. Karl Whinnery, the producer of our video, showcases a color palette and variety of shots that set Ice against Fire as our protagonist feels the weight of societies collapse, ultimately deciding that our world may be better off devoid of life.

Watch the video here:

Vintersea is:

  • Jorma Spaziano (Lead Guitar)
  • Avienne (Vocalist)
  • Riley Nix (Rhythm Guitar)
  • Jeremy Spencer (Drums)

You can pick up their debut album The Gravity of Fall by heading over to

2.The Host
4.Skies Set Ablaze
5.The Holy Procession
6.The Gravity of Fall
10.Mirror Lake


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