Falling In Reverse “I’m Not A Vampire (Re-Vamped)” wins several film awards

Congratulations to Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse for winning several film awards for the cinematic video “I’m Not A Vampire (Re-Vamped)”:

Los Angeles Film Awards

London Independent Film Awards

Open Window International Film

Falcon International Film Festival

Hollywood Blvd Film Festival

Canadian Diversity Film Festival

“I went into this song knowing it’s intention wasn’t for radio, wasn’t intended for mass consumption, was more for longtime fans and to satiate my creativeness for a moment. I’d like to thank @realpaigewwe for doing such a wonderful job in this and @jensennoen for being such a talented director and the crew that worked so hard behind the scenes.
Can’t wait to show you what’s next !”

Ronnie Radke on IG @ronnieradke

Ever since the video for “Popular Monster“, the FIR’s music videos had a cinematic touch. “I’m Not A Vampire” is the second release of older Falling In Reverse songs after the beautifully reimagined version of “The Drug In Me Is You“. Both newer versions give the songs a new meaning and show all the more what a talented artist Ronnie Radke is.



On November 9th, 2021 Ronnie Radke will release his book “I Can Explain”. It’s co-written by Ryan J. Downing and can be pre-ordered at https://firmerch.com/.





For more information on Falling In Reverse, follow their social media:







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