Ward and Club Manchego deliver stellar new track with C’est Magnifique

What happens when two international artists meet at Franco’s LIFA Festival 2019 in Mexico City? A stellar new track, C’est Magnifique is born.  The song is a blend of two original compositions from two international artists. Franco’s Club Manchego (MX) original instrumental song “CLUB MANCHEGO – 1999” was blended with music and lyrics from a song that Ward.band (USA) wrote called “C’est Magnifique”. The two met when Ward headlined Franco’s LIFA Festival 2019 in Mexico City.

Ward’s charismatic vocals bring to life his engaging lyrics. The instrumental aspect highlights the retro 90’s vibe and Ward’s music compliments with an equally vibrant modern flair filled with layers of emotion and depth.  Some of my favorite lyrics off the track:


We get lost in a thousand ways

So it makes sense

We’d get lost in all them ways 

That c’est magnifique

Mon che marie

Oh baby someone’s talking loud

My fault faking lately loud


The song release includes a cinematic video with stunning visuals that captures the multi dimensional track.  The video was shot in El Mirage Dry Lake in California during the statewide fires of September 2020.


Check out the video here:

You can save the track on Spotify by heading over here: Make sure to stay up to date on the latest news and visit their social media sites.



Club Manchego


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