Concert Review: Lord of The Lost and Florian Grey in Munich by Alexandra

  • Concert Review
  • Lord Of The Lost / Florian Grey
  • Munich, Backstage-Werk, April 17, 2015


So the German band Lord Of The Lost invited to ‘A Night To Remember’, an acoustic concert with an additional string quartet, yesterday at the Backstage in Munich. First time I’ve been to that venue and there were actually seats there and a great part of the audience was dressed up pretty nice ‘n neat. On every seat lay a program, which contained the timeline of the evening, all the musicians that played and a short paragraph from the band that welcomed everyone and also gave a brief insight on what the evening will be.

It started off with Florian Grey. As stated on his home-page, he plays Dark Pop music. He’s not new to the music business and sang in a few projects and bands over the years. That night he played an acoustic set which was received well by the crowd. His debut solo album will be released May 29, 2015. The producer of this album is Chris Harms, the singer of Lord Of The Lost.


After a short break the string players entered the stage, followed by the members of Lord Of The Lost. Last on stage was Chris Harms, their charismatic singer with his incredible dark voice. Over the whole evening he told short stories about the songs, about the bands history and how they played in front of 45 people only about 3 years ago and now they had this small acoustic tour, every show sold out or nearly so, and the response from all the audiences seems to have been amazing. More than once he thanked the people for being there, sticking to the band and giving them so much back. Besides the singing Chris also played the violoncello. The set had one small break, like all classic concerts have. Different from a classic concert there were encores though. The first one a song called ‘If Johnny Cash was here’ performed only by Chris and Bo Six on guitar. Throughout the evening they played all their hits like ‘After Life’, ‘Lost In A Hearbeat’, the very emotional song ‘See You Soon’, ‘Beyond Beautiful’ , ‘Six Feet Underground’ and lots more, which sounded as amazing with this formation as the recorded ones. They closed their set with the song ‘Credo’ in which the audience is involved by waving their arms left to right for the chorus, which everyone in the room did. By the end of the show and right before they came back for the encore they got standing ovations and really loud cheers from the audience, which closed an incredible evening.

This really was a night to remember with an awesome performance by high class musicians. I hope they decide to do something similar again someday soon. I’ll definitely be there….


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If you haven’t heard from Lord Of The Lost, you should definitely check them out. Here’s their newest video for the song ‘Lost In A Heartbeat’.

Also check out the social media and band pages for more info.

~ Alexandra Bock,

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