Cory Wells shares new single and announces album-release

Acoustic singer/songwriter Cory Wells released a brand-new song today. ‘Wildfire’ is taken from his upcoming full-length debut album ‘The Way We Are’, which will be released through Pure Noise Records on November 15th.

‘Four years in the making and I cannot be more proud of this collection of songs” shares Wells. “It portrays sadness, anger, despair, happiness, uncertainty, regret, and so much more.  It’s my life. It’s your life. It’s about what it’s like to be human.  Without the bad, the good would mean nothing. It would just be normal. I hope people can appreciate the emotions put into this record as well as the various feels and styles it represents. It’s the way we are”.

On Wildfire he adds: “This topic a first for me to write about. I didn’t know that I’d ever known true hatred for someone until the events of this song. It feels amazing to let out so much anger in a healthy way. It feels like letting go”.

Track List:
1. Distant
2. Keiko
3. Wildfire
4. Harbor
5. Broken
6. Fall Apart
7. Waiting
8. End of a Good Thing
9. Patience
10. Walk Away
11. Lost
12. Cement


Wells launched his solo project in 2017 with his first release for Pure Noise Records, the “How to Tear Apart the Ones You Love EP, and follow-up single End of a Good Thing quickly became a viral hit in 2018, racking up millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams and introducing fans around the world to Wells’ storytelling.

Wells values music in all its styles and forms (“Every genre has its place, and I appreciate something from all of it”). He’s a songwriter without limits. He’s already masterfully distilled the songs of his youth – the emotional ferocity of metal, the heart-on-sleeve confessionalism of emo and salt-of-the-earth universality of folk – into the music of his present, and looking forward, there seems to be no telling how his music will evolve from here.

You get the sense the singer prefers it that way. As it stands, he’s having too much fun keeping listeners – and even himself – anticipating what will come next.

I could write a ton of different styles of songs, but as long as I sing them like I mean it, the songs will resonate,” he says. “I played metal because I liked it. I play this music because I love it”.

Cory Wells will be touring in Europe/UK for the first time this November with Dashboard Confessional. Check the dates below.

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