Foreigner delivers stellar set at Shoreline for The Historic Farewell Tour

Last night was not your typical Thursday night in the Bay Area and it is one that will remain strong in our memories. We were at the Shoreline Amphitheatre to see Foreigner – The Historic Farewell tour with Loverboy. The venue was quickly filling up as a couple high school choirs were battling out.  They got the crowd warmed up and the energy quickly elevated the second Loverboy took the stage.

Loverboy kicked it off strong with Notorious and the crowd erupted in cheers, they followed it up with a personal favorite Lucky Ones. The hits kept on coming, one after another and the crowd was soaking it all in. You could feel the nostalgia in the air as many of us were reliving our high school years.  It was incredible to watch groups of friends come together to revisit a band that was the soundtrack of their youth and to witness Loverboy deliver the songs nearly exactly ss they sounded years ago!

I was sitting near a couple of large groups who were dancing and reliving memories through the music. They were talking about the songs and the memories they held; from high school loves, breakups, old friends, old cars, and so much more. It reminded me of heading from Rainbow Records to Tower Records in search of my own copy of Loverboy’s Get Lucky back as a Freshman in high school.

During the intermission, I felt a longing for the closeness that these friends were sharing. As I reminded myself, we were there to bring you, our audience, photographs and a show recap, of this incredible tour, I focused on the task at hand. Next, a very nice couple of young men (David Ramos and Efrén García) came to sit next to me. Soon, we all were hearing about how they were from Mexico,  out on a business trip, they were nearby and heard of the music, not knowing the bands, and impulsively purchased tickets. We were all telling them about Foreigner and how they were going to love them just as much as we have, and how their music was such a part of our lives. Their youthful spirit reminded me to take chances, take those leaps of faith, try new things, and you just might find exactly what you were looking for.  As Foreigner took the stage, our groups soon merged and we were now one, all together to enjoy the rockin music of Foreigner. The longing was soon replaced with a feeling of unity amongst new friends.

Foreigner blew us away. Double Vision was the first song, and talk about kicking it off with a bang! They did just that and the venue went wild as everyone jumped from their seats and sang along and danced around. It was pure magic, as hit after hit continued throughout the show. The crowd loudly singing along to Head Games, Cold as Ice, Waiting for a Girl Like You, Dirty White Boy, When it Comes to Love, Girl on the Moon, Say You Will, Feels Like the First Time, Urgent, Juke Box Hero, I Want to Know What Love Is and finishing it off with Hot Blooded. The light show was exceptional and the band’s energy was non stop and sounded tight and powerful, bringing to life the timeless music of Foreigner.

Check out the photos from our Rockin Ryan:

As our new friend from Mexico David Ramos comments,

“This concert reminded me that life is flowing, good things don’t get old and nothing better than living experiences like this concert, to live a memorable life. “

Efrén García and David Ramos

I hope you get a chance to catch the Foreigner Historic Farewell Tour and I hope it continues on, and comes around again for us to catch!

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