Peavey VYPYR PRO 100 Modeling Amp will take the gigging musician to new levels!


We are excited to share with your our recent review of the Peavey VYPYR 100 Modeling Amp and Sanpera Pro foot controller. Peavey has created and evolved the amp, complete in it’s own 1×12 combo that delivers a mighty sound along with amazing features that will take the gigging musician to new levels. With it’s attractive price point of around $600 for the VYPYR Pro 100, it is perfect for the entry gigging musician but with all the power and features, it will satisfy even the most seasoned musician!

The VYPYR Pro 100 is easy to use for the guitarist and even more versatile for editing. What is very exciting and  something that I don’t think I have found in any other modeling amp out, is the feature of four stages of TransTube analog gain. If you are looking for that rich feel and pure tone, this one will definitely have you hooked.

One of the biggest highlighted features of this model is the versatility that this amp brings; giving you 500 presets, 100 different models of effects, reverbs, delays, and amplifiers. This allows you endless possibilities to create the exact tone and effect you are looking for.

You have four model slots that you can customize to your preference. You can blend amplifiers together and create any tone you desire. You might be overwhelmed with what you can do with the VYPYR Pro 100 but it is very programmable and easy to operate. It is definitely the most innovative and advanced modeling amp out on the market.

When you combine the Sanpera Pro foot controller, you will be able to utilize the dual expression pedals which can be assigned to you parameter. It is a full size rig style foot controller that features a boost switch, tap tempo, a chromatic tuner, and looper controls.


Stay tuned for our demo videos as we show you the ease of use and versatility of the Peavey VYPYR Pro 100! You can check out our Unboxing Video here:

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VYPYR Pro 10o Features:

  • Over 100 different amp, effect, stompbox and instrument models
  • Advanced WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface
  • Four selectable tone model modes with LCD
  • Real time control over Delay and Reverb
  • Real time model parameter control
  • Advanced bi-directional USB connector
  • On-board Tap Tempo
  • Studio quality headphone out
  • MP3/CD/Aux input
  • MIDI
  • Analog TransTube® preamp
  • 100 Watts
  • Custom voiced 12″ speaker specifically designed for modeling
  • Over 500 user assignable presets
  • Multi-parameter effects control
  • Dual DSP’s for processing speed and capability
  • Power Sponge™ output power adjustment
  • On-board chromatic tuner
  • On-board overdubbing looper (with optional Sanpera® footswitch)
  • Effects loop
  • 3 adjustable noise gates
  • Multiple delay and reverb types: tape delay, tube delay, multi-tap delay, modulation delay, analog delay, digital delay, plate verb, room verb, cathedral verb, hall verb, tile verb, gated verb, spring verb
  • Presence and Resonance adjustment
  • Assignable input attenuator
  • Built-in microphone simulated direct out
  • MIDI output for connecting to and changing presets on the AT-200 guitar (Note: additional software required, available at

Sanpera Pro Features:

  • Two expression pedals
  • Direct access to all four models, plus delay and reverb
  • Boost switch
  • Tap Tempo
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Full looper controls
  • Expression pedal assignable to any parameter and range definable
  • Self-powered via VYPYR® amplifier
  • MIDI output for connecting to outboard MIDI gear, including the AT-200 guitar
  • Compatible with the Vypyr Pro amplifier only
  • Weight Packed: 14.88 lb(6.75 kg)
  • Width Packed: 10.6″(26.924 cm)
  • Height Packed: 25.6″(65.024 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 4.8″(12.192 cm)

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