Rockers The Go Ahead release new track, About To Burst


Get ready for the great new track from The Go Ahead which truly captures your attention with their infectious rock. The track is a year in the making. Bassist Alex Mamelok comments about the song,

 “I wrote the lyrics of what would be the chorus of ‘About to Burst’ during a period writer’s block. Everything I was writing felt stale or like something I’ve already done. After finally coming up with a few lines I did like, I couldn’t come up with anything else so I decided to hand it off to Kyna. This was the first time I’ve ever collaborated lyrically with anyone, which was and still is a little scary. She related to the line, ‘Trying to move on from the same song over and over again’. She saw it as a representation of her depression and anxiety at the time and wrote the remaining lyrics as a response to that… ‘About to Burst’ is a lyrical illustration of that kind of anxiety in life.” 

Check out the new song here:

The song will definitely have you hooked with mesmerizing vocals and emotionally driven lyrics. 2016 will be a busy year for The Go Ahead as they plan to re-release their 2014 EP ‘Cycles’ (remastered at Coast Recordings ) on January 8th, along with a slew of new music videos. They also hold an extensive performance and touring history, including opening for acts such as Dilly Dally from Toronto and Lita Ford.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. We will see if we can bring you an interview soon.

~ Marisol

The Go Ahead is:

  • Kyna Wise — vocals
  • Alex Mamelok — bass
  • Josh Hertz — guitar
  • Chris Kelly — drums

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