SIXX: A.M. deliver an unforgettable and sensational opening night for the Modern Vintage Tour in San Francisco!


Sixx: A.M. kicked off their Modern Vintage Tour last night in San Francisco at The Regency Ballroom. It was an exceptional opening night that left everyone in a blissful fog. The night began with an energetic set by the Japanese rockers, VAMPS. They tore up the stage with their energy and instantly won over the crowd. A highlight was when they played a cover of Motley Crue’s Live Wire. I am truly looking forward to checking them out more and hopefully see them return to play the Bay Area soon.

Next up was the dynamic and awe-inspiring performance by Apocalyptica. These guys delivered a mind-blowing set of their instrumental, rock/metal music featuring cellos. You can’t help but watch them in amazement as they bring a whole new level to classical music by taking it up to 11 and bringing out the metal. I was excited to catch their new vocalist, Franky Perez. He has such powerful vocals that were the perfect fit to the big sound of Apocalyptica. We will be bringing you an interview soon with Eicca and Paavo later this week.

The venue was at capacity as SIXX: A.M. took the stage after the X-MAS in Hell intro. This being their first headlining tour had me wondering, what were they waiting for! They were spectacular in all means. From the lights, stage show, back up singers and unbelievable performances they kicked off their opening night without a  hitch and knocked it out of the ballpark. I am not going to spoil it by telling you the set list but I will tell you, each and every song was perfect and created such a unity in that venue. It completely rocked and at the same time, you could look around and see so many captivated expressions.


James Michael has one of the most stunning vocals and he carries so much emotion when he sings. He so easily makes that connection to the crowd, even if you were in the balcony, you felt his energy. DJ Ashba was fierce on his guitars and you would just wipe the drool from your chin as you would watch him on his solos. The bad ass Nikki Sixx completely blew everyone away and he has such a charismatic presence on the stage. Dustin Steinke was a madman on drums and the sensation backing vocals of Amber Vanbuskirk and Melissa Harding were the perfect icing on the cake!

SIXX: A.M. has so many great songs from their three albums to choose from and many are so inspiration and healing for fans. It was apparent through the emotions that so many fans shared, many in tears when certain songs came on and many just in utter delight. I, myself could feel the warmth in my heart that their music brings. It is pure magic as they so easily awaken your every sense and make you feel so good to be alive. You couldn’t help but leave the venue without exclaiming Life Is Beautiful!

We all thank SIXX: A.M. for their amazing performance and now it is up to you to get yourself to a show and experience it first hand. This was quite a night and as many left, they talked of how it was one of the most memorable concerts of their lives. From start to finish, whatever troubles or worries that weighed in on your mind soon disappeared and the only thing that mattered was being “present” at the show. You left that venue with renewed hope, spirits lifted and in a blissful fog.

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~ Marisol

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  1. Isn’t nikki still touring with the final motley Crüe tour ? At least I thought he was ? And if so how is he touring with both Crüe and sixx am ?

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