Swanky Tiger is delivering a dose of nasty rock n roll with their new EP, Mechanical Nightmares

Mondays can always be a challenge but if you crank up loud the new Swanky Tiger EP, I assure you, your mood will be lifted. Swanky Tiger have just released their 4 song EP, Mechanical Nightmares. It is four songs that will become regulars on your playlist! Their nasty rock n roll is exactly what we need more of. It brings to life the big sound of rock, angsty vocals, infused with punk, catchy melodies.

You can pick up the EP by heading over to https://swankytiger.bandcamp.com/album/mechanical-nightmares. Take a listen:


They successfully blend a style of hard rock, the edginess of punk, and catchy pop elements with alternative edges. It is refreshing to see a band bring out their own new sound and style, and not be afraid to break down the genre walls. I hope you check them out!

Swanky Tiger is:

  • Oliver Myles Mashburn -Vocals, Guitar
  • Will Rockefeller -Rhythm, Lead guitars
  • Michael “Deez” Glendening -Bass, Guitar, Keys
  • Clemens Grassmann -Drums, Percussion

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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