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Today is a very exciting day as the new album, SonicAluzion by Smashing Satellites is released! The stellar new album blends electronic rock, funky guitars and euphoric vocals that will take you on a dreamscape journey of electro alternative pop rock. Every summer, we search for that one album that will become the playlist of your good times. Look no further, SonicAluzion will be that album.

It starts right off with Waterfall which if you have not seen it yet, make sure to check out their cinematic underwater video. Salvatore explains,

“There are times in life where we all struggle with fear, depression and anxiety… we feel as though we are drowning. Sometimes it is not just about overcoming the fear and swimming to the surface but rather learning how to survive that time in the water.”   

Like A Feather has a dramatic electronic intro that marches you into the powerful vocals of Salvatore as he carries you away with his voice. Calm Me Down has a theatrical lullaby vibe that balances between haunting and inviting. This is one of my favorite tracks as it brings out a vulnerability and innocence that is soon comforted by assurance.

You can’t help but love Taste of Fame and how it shows you the darker side of fame and the spotlight. Fame at what cost? The lyrics speak volumes as to what many fall prey to as victims of other’s fame.  Hounds starts off with a great retro electronic vibe that truly takes me back to my Depeche Mode days. The song has an eclectic edge to it that immediately draws you in and then takes you on a swirling funky twist. It is one of those songs that you will pleasingly find stuck in your head for the day.

Living Loud is passionate in so many ways. It has emotive vocals on the intro that you will find build up with power and strength, both personally and physically. This is one of those Go To songs that will lift you up and have you hold your head high. It is an empowering inspiring track and one of my faves. It has such a fanastic early Queen-esque vibe that I love.

This is Paradise is a fun, infectiously catchy track where you will truly find paradise. It has a poptastic element that just screams fun in the sun as you dip your toes in the sand. It will have you appreciate all the little things that make up your paradise.

What’s It All About is that call to wake up and be in the present! If there ever was an anthem to have you stop and look around to really enjoy life, this is that song. It is time to put your doubts and fears aside, quiet the voices in your head and just breathe life in. This song will have you dancing in the rain, running barefoot in the sand and singing it loud. I absolutely love this song and the message it sends is something that everyone needs to hear.

Us has this nostalgic funky 70’s disco vibe but wrapped in a modern flair of alternative splash that will be a new move in your groove. Few and Far Between is an epic track that bridges the gap between the lonely and forgotten. It has an infectious chorus and warm harmonies that are inviting.

Love Is Forever brings out a cosmic edge as it has you floating in a colorful dreamlike state. Dramatic yet comforting. Another stand out track. The album finishes up with the funky good time track, Goodtimes. It is almost like a bid farewell and an invitation for you to start making your own good times. The future is yours, make the best of it and stay positive.

This is a great album that holds no boundaries of genres as fans from all walks of life will find something to love. You can pick up the album by heading over to iTunes here. It is definitely a musical gem for your collection. You have one day left to enter the contest to win a signed vintage 1980’s Candy Red Solid Body Squier Stratocaster Guitar from Smashing Satellites. Enter below:


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Smashing Satellites:

  • Salvatore Costa
  • Devon Lougheed
  • Mick Valentyne
  • Mykey Thomas

~ Marisol

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